Start Here – Getting Started in Trading

If you are brand new to trading or you are new to our website here are some things that may help you get started in your journey.

Just Getting Started in Trading

You should watch the following videos prior to getting started. They will give you some great insight as a little "mini" course. We will be adding videos and linking them up as they get released.

  1. Getting Started with Trading, Resources, and How the Market Works
  2. What is a Stock and How you Make Money in the Stock Market
  3. When / Who Should NOT Trade or Invest
  4. Mutual Fund Investing vs. Investing Yourself - What the Mutual Fund Guys Won't Tell You!
  5. How Long Does it Take to Get Consistent Profitability in Trading or Investing?
  6. Different Ways to Trade or Invest in the Stock Market
  7. Different Risks with Trading and Investing
  8. Two Things You Need to Have to Be a Successful Trader
  9. Equipment and Tools You Need to Start Trading Stocks
  10. How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started in Trading and How Much Can You Make
  11. How to Choose the Right Stock Broker for YOU and YOUR Trading Needs
  12. Stock Trading Rules vs Trading System
  13. Speculative Stocks vs Stable Companies (Higher Priced Stocks vs Cheaper Stocks)
  14. What is an Investing or Stock Trading Portfolio
  15. Diversification: Should You Diversify & the Ways to Diversify
  16. Active Stock Trading Time Zones & Hours
  17. Trade Basics Before You Place a Trade
  18. Position Sizing & Share Quantity: How Many Shares to Buy in a Stock?
  19. Step by Step Process of Placing a Trade
  20. Best Way to Learn to Trade and Gain Consistency
  21. How to Grow Your Trading Account
  22. Tax Basics and Tips for Stock Market Traders & Investors
  23. Power of Investing in Dividend Stocks: Wealthy Get Richer
  24. Top 6 Inner Game Mistakes Stock Traders Make!
  25. How to Trade in a Foreign Account or as an International Trader

Books you should read

Full Book List

Books for practicing technical analysis

Video courses for the ultimate beginner

Private Coaching: The fastest way to learn

The fastest way to learn is through private coaching and mentoring. This is similar to how a doctor in training works with other experienced doctors. If you are interested in private coaching, please visit this page.

Brokers You Can Start With

You should definitely watch video 12: How to Choose the Right Stock Broker for YOU and YOUR Trading Needs before choosing a broker, but here is a list of a few brokers that you can go with.

  • TradeKing - Great getting started broker. Good rates, nice panel, and great support.
  • Scottrade - Little more pricey, great support, panel is a bit weak, but still alright broker.
  • ETrade- More expensive broker, okay panel, good support.
  • TDAmeritrade - Great panel, great support, but pricey.
  • Check the resources page for a list of other resources

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