Product & Courses FAQ’s

How often do you post to the critical charts?

I post when I see or find charts that deserve a look or study. Sometimes it will be a few times a week, other times it will be once a week.

I try to do at least one posting (or set) to the critical charts per week. However, the best thing to see is the dates of the posts and then you can see the frequency if you just look at the category.

How many charts do you post to the critical charts?

It depends on how many charts I find, what I see is moving, or how the market is acting. Sometimes there will be 5 charts, other times there may 15+ charts.

Are your charts recommendations to buy or sell a stock or to go long or short?

No - all charts and postings are for educational purposes only and are NOT recommendations to buy or sell any stock, security, or equity.

How do I maximize my education by studying the critical charts?

Watch the market in tandem with the charts posted. See how stocks react based on how the market is reacting. You want to watch the critical levels outlined in the chart.

Just because a chart is posted does not mean a stock will go up or down in the next week. Sometimes it will take a few months for the stock to hit these levels or break them.

However, the charts are posted so you can anticipate the move or watch these critical levels to make an appropriate decision and learn from the experience.

How often do you post videos to the critical charts?

Every now and then. Videos are not really included in the critical chart subscription - but sometimes to add a little extra or to explain things I may throw in a video to give a clearer picture to the market or certain stocks.

How do I sign up to a membership plan?

Just go to the membership options page here and find a package that works for you. Once you have decided on a plan, then just hit the signup button and go through the process.

You will be signed up through a PayPal subscription process and billed based on the plan you select.

When or how can I cancel my plan or membership?

You can cancel at anytime. To cancel your plan you go to PayPal and view your current active subscriptions and just hit cancel.

You can also call PayPal directly at 1-(402)-935-2050 and they will walk you through the cancellation process as well. Once you cancel your account on PayPal our system will automatically cancel your account on our end as well - so there is nothing more that you will have to do.

I am blocked, having trouble logging in, or can't access my account - what do I do?

This could be for a few different reasons. Sometimes you get caught in the firewall for accessing pages too fast or too many too quickly. It is also possible that you have logged in too many times from different locations. (We only allow up to 3 different devices per month - cell phone, home computer, and tablet would max you out and a 4th device could lock you out of the system).

This is why we recommend you don't share your account or have a strong password. If you do get locked out - just contact us and we can look into your account.

Do you offer any discounts on your products or services?

No - because it takes more programming, sales techniques, and added time I would rather just add more value to you then spend my time and energy on specials or promotion techniques.

On some services such as the subscription services you can get a discount for pre-paying for a year in advanced.

However in general I don't do discounts or promotions on courses or products except for initial launches. In these cases, my newsletter subscribers may get a little something extra of added value during the initial launch of a new product.

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