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Stock Market Daily Recap Nov 13, 2012

November 13th, 2012

Video Recap:

Market In General

The market dipped on the open today, and slowly went back up hitting its peak at 11.00am. After that it continued its sell off. Start high early on and sell off to the end of the day. Bull markets start low and trend higher towards the end of the day. Basically sellers pushed things to the down side.

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Discussing the Apple (AAPL) Gap and Fade Play for Intraday

November 12th, 2012

In this video I discuss the Apple Gap and Fade play. If you are a day trader this is basically the things I watch for. The gap and fade plays can also be known as the Green to Red play, meaning a stock went green and when it turns red its headed towards the bottom. Personally I like to watch the price action, volume levels, and support and resistance key points to know the entries. Remember this is strictly a day trade play and would not be held overnight.

Things I am Watching Nov 12, 2012 – TLT, ALXN, MA, ROK, and EEM

November 12th, 2012

Here are some things I am currently watching. Primarily the TLT looks healthy for bonds. I also been talking about ALXN, MA, and ROK in my other daily posts. EEM still appears to be consolidating so just keep an eye on it. Some charts are forming but still looks like a cash market until thingsĀ re-balance. Do not be in a hurry to jump into stocks. Wait for your opportunities then pounce hard when the time is right!

Stock Market Recap for Nov 9, 2012

November 9th, 2012

Market Indexes

Many of the market indexes are currently hitting critical support levels. If these levels break, we could see lower prices. The recent decline after the presidential election is finally being digested. It was the worst decline after an election in history. Since many stocks are at critical support points, I am currently 100% in cash.

The DJ-30 finished with a doji at 12,815 meaning indecisiveness, but hit support at the critical 12,750. Next week should set the trend more on the direction.

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Stock Market Daily Review Nov 8, 2012

November 8th, 2012

Many stocks today continued on their downward trends. Even the leaders were struggling to stay up. Remember that market corrections are great. It creates new chart patterns and sets up great opportunities. Just be patient on stocks and let the chart setup. Sometimes its best to set aside, stay in cash, and go play some tennis, golf, or snow mobiling. Here are some charts that caught my eye.

The Dow 30 pushed against the 200 day moving average and dropped down heavy another -121 points. It almost seemed as if the market needed an excuse to sell off after the presidential election.

S&P500 (SPX) broke the 200 day today as well.

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Looking into popular IPO’s and their trends

November 6th, 2012

Let us take a brief look at a few recent popular IPO's. One thing I want you to remember and understand is that most people like to jump into IPO's in the hype because they watch the news, get influenced by the noise, or use the product. Remember that you are trading stock here with the professionals. This is not a kids game anymore!

Most IPO's sometimes have a dumping period where people unload and cash in on shares who purchased it on the secondary market (before the IPO). Sometimes they can dump them a few months in, sometimes immediately, so read the reports.

However, don't jump in just because the stock "sounds cool." I have seen some of my friends jump into Facebook stock for example and that stock is just toast. Let the charts setup and be patient. Wait for them to show you and prove to you that they are good stocks to own! Forget the noise, turn off the TV, do your own homework, and make your own decisions.

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Stock Market Daily Recap Nov 1, 2012

November 5th, 2012

Starting the month of November are waiting for tomorrows employment report. ISM Manufacturing showed better readings, and the ADP had an employment gain of over 100,000 which lifted the market.

After the bell, LinkedIn and Starbucks posted earnings that beat the street and were up about 7% after hours.

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Stock Market Recap Nov 5, 2012

November 5th, 2012

Monday was a light session as most traders stayed on the sidelines waiting for the Presidential election to take place this week. Stocks had minor gains later in the day. ISM Non-Manufacturing report came in light - practically neutral, but still in expansion which did not sway the market.

The major indexes continue to trade in a fairly tight trading range.

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Stock Market Daily Recap Oct 31, 2012

October 31st, 2012

After a few days of down-time from Hurricane Sandy, stocks opened Wednesday with still mixed feelings. Markets opened at highs and sold off by noon or later.

Remember that Bull Markets typically start low at the start of the day and end high towards the end of the day. Bear markets typically start high and end low towards the end of the day. Study

The S&P 500 was barely up. Markets are stalled, and although we do have these support levels, they can be broken so keep tight stops or hold your money in cash.

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A quick look at newspaper and publication stocks

October 30th, 2012

Take a look at some newspaper and publication stocks over the last few years. Notice that most of them have totally have been going downhill since about 2005. Content these days is starting to become more available through the Internet people are shifting their mindset and their paradigm. These newspaper and publication stocks, even though they are still popular as far as reader base is concerned - the revenue growth potential is just not there anymore.

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