Making Money from Money

There are only a handful of things you can do in order to make money from your existing money. I think that’s what truly attracted me to the stock market…

Freedom of Location

There are many demographics and types of people out there, so what is attractive to me may not be attractive to you. For example, people who love traveling are attracted to freedom of location.

They may love to live in San Diego, CA for a month and then move to Iceland for a month. The freedom of location is huge, because you can work the stock market from just about anywhere with a strong internet connection.

Freedom of Time

People who value their freedom of time – want to do things when they want to – find the stock market to be a great place. You’re able to work 1-2 weeks, then take the next month off if you’ve made enough profit.

You are also able to attend family commitments due to freedom of time.

No Degree Necessary

Ambitious people love the stock market, because they do not have to have a college degree. For the most part, everyone starts out on a level playing field.

You can still trade without a degree. You just have to give your capital to a broker to trade. You can do trading without a college degree, but you must have the motivation and dedication to learn the stock market or you will fail.

Ability to Leverage and Scale Up Quickly

Instead of trading 100 shares or putting $100 of capital in use, you can put 10X the capital in and get 10X the capital out. There are few industries that allow you to make more money simply based on your choice and the leverage of your choice.

This is all relative given that you have enough trading capital to cover the additional leverage or if you want to trade more and have the funds to back it up.

Quick Way to Riches

Some people think the stock market is easy or a quick way to get rich. Do not fall into this trap, because that is not how the stock market works.