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Top 5 Stock Market Lessons of 2015 that were UNLISTED

Hey, it’s Sasha Evdakov and thanks for joining me here at where I share with you some insight about stocks trading and investing.

Now in this week’s episode what I’d like to do is look back at the year 2015 and see some of those important and critical lessons that we went over about the stock market about your inner game and just some of the important lessons over the last year of 2015.

Now, most of the recap some lessons that we do is published publicly on YouTube, on the web site and so forth but there are some that are unlisted. So if you’re not on the newsletter list yet make sure you get on it because that’s where I share everything with my fellow members and that’s where you also can get discounts promotions and get insights about any other news and free training that we have released.

In this week’s video what I’d like to do is really go into some of the unlisted lessons that were shared throughout the year of 2015 and just share with you five of those lessons that you might have missed so if you’ve already watched them then feel free to skip them.

If you didn’t get the newsletter list or you joined maybe midway in 2015 and you’d like to just get a refresher then go ahead and lets to go into some of these recaps and lessons that we went through in 2015.

Now one thing to keep in mind as we go through this list that this list is in no particular order so just because I mention one recap as number one that doesn’t mean that it’s the most important recap or lesson to review or watch instead look at it in terms of your own personal trading, what is it that you’re lacking, what is it that you can benefit from so go back rewatch those lessons that you feel could be beneficial to you.

“Click here to watch Catching the Bottom of a Stock”

The first recap or the first lesson that you might have missed was called catching the bottom of a stock now in  this lesson what we really focused on was looking for Bottoms of Stocks or how to really pick a bottom of a stock or if you’re looking to bottom fish in a stock that’s really what you’re going to get out of this lesson.

Normally I don’t encourage bottom fishing because it’s kind of like trying to catch that falling knife you potentially will get cut so instead when looking for the bottom in this lesson what we target is how to find the bottom when that stock is bouncing and that’s when you’re looking for value deal or stock that might have been selling off for a great deal of time you know when you’re trying to catch that lower end of that stock.

In here I share with you some mindset about purchasing these stocks at a lower price and how to spot those bottoms.

“Click here to watch Get Comfortable with Money”
The second lesson you might have missed is called Getting Comfortable with Losses or Losing a lot of this has to do with just getting comfortable with your own emotional value and where you are emotionally and tying it to money.

Most people are not comfortable and have high degrees of emotions when they deal with money whether that’s a high degree of having very positively static emotions, when you get a paycheck you feel really good really proud really happy or you feel really bad when you lose money or make a bad investment or a bad purchase or something doesn’t work out in the right way that you expected to in terms of financially.

In the stock market the same kind of thing happens is that when you’re losing or when you have a losses typically your emotional value or the way that you feel emotionally really hurts and when you aren’t comfortable with losses because losses will happen in the market when you don’t know how to deal with those losses and you aren’t prepared to deal with those losses it can really be detrimental to your trading account.

In that lesson what we cover is really just a couple of exercises or things or just discussions about getting comfortable with losing and just getting comfortable with the fact of money losses. So go ahead take a look at that lesson and recap if you missed it this year because it’s a really good one in terms of emotions.

“Click here to watch Safety Triangle Lesson”

Lesson number three that you might have missed this year was called the Safety Triangle Lesson and in this lesson we honed and focused on the safety triangle and how that applies to trading. Now the safety triangle if you don’t know what it is it’s really more like a pyramid and it breaks things down in terms of safety levels in corporations or companies.

Giving you a short overview if you have let’s say ten thousand people that walk through the door you know ten thousand of those may be fine. Then you may have two thousands of those people that may see the banana and could slip on that banana, 1,000 of those may actually slipped and hurt their knee and maybe one or two of those people may slip their knee and break their knee or break their arms as they fall down.

Now this really applies to trading because you’ll have a lot of trades that take place so you may have a 10,000 trades that you do over your lifetime but maybe five thousand of those trades aren’t actually profitable trade sold 10,000 of those might be just a win or loss or scratch trade a $50 or less, five thousand of those trades might be actually a winner over $1000 maybe a thousand of those trades maybe a five thousand dollar profit or $10,000 profit and maybe five or ten of those trades might be super home runs.

In this lesson recap what we really hone in and focus on is looking at the consistency. Looking at the core or the meat of where you should be heading and looking to execute your trade profits because you’re going to do a lot of trades throughout your career.

You’re going to do a lot of our transactions and rather than shooting for those home runs or shooting for those shooting stars that may happen once in a lifetime if you can get that consistency down and focus in on the core, the meat or the more important things that way you can be more consistent it’ll work out a lot better.

So we hone in focus on this lesson talk about the safety triangle and how that applies to trading so if you missed that lesson go ahead click this thumbnail and you can go and watch that less than or of course you can search for it on our website at

“Click here to watch Penny Stock Insight”

Lesson number for that you might have missed was all about trading penny stocks or insights about trading penny stocks and I don’t focus a lot of my training or education material or even trading on Penny stocks and there’s a lot of reasons behind that but I go into some detail about that in that lesson.

If you missed that lesson you can click this thumbnail go to that lesson and watch some insights about penny stocks, what you need to watch when your trading penny stocks how to get into those penny stocks and what kind of makes a better penny stock trade.

Now again if you’re looking to trade penny stocks you want to be more focused more attentive to more of day trading or being more active as a trader because those things can whipsaw you around but if you want to get those insights go ahead watch the recap I go in detail about trading penny stocks, it will give you some insights and some lessons about trading those smaller priced companies.

“Click here to watch Monkeys and Apples”

Now the final and fifth lesson that I want to share with you today that you probably missed in 2015 is called Monkeys and Apples in this recap in this lesson what we do is going detail about the psychology of taking profits, the psychology of emotions of creating and making money in the stock market and also losing those profits.

As an example why this lesson is called Monkey and Apples is it’s really honed and focused on that psychology and emotional behavior that we humans go through in the markets. Typically what happens is if you give a monkey an Apple it’s really happy enjoys that physical connection of that Apple, it gets to eat the apple and its excited.

Now on the other hand if you give a monkey two apples and then you take one away all of a sudden the emotions and behavior is completely different the monkey even though it’s still with one apple, the fact of taking down loss and taking the loss away of that one Apple makes that monkey very furious and very angry.

In human behavior the same thing really happens and especially in the stock market, when you have a profitable trading you had a profitable trade and then later you lose on that trade emotions start running wild and you start getting frustrated.

In this lesson what we really hone in and focus on is about taking profits, it’s about being more comfortable with your emotions and getting profits out of those markets and you know being content with those profits.

Go ahead watch that lesson so that way you get some more insight about that but it’s more about human behavior, psychology and how chimps apes are they really do apply to our behavior as well as humans.

Now in this lesson as well as share some interesting insight about my own personal background share with you some pictures and other things that have happened over my life and earlier in the years so if you want to get some more insight about my own past life how I got to where I got then go ahead and watch that lesson and recap.

Thanks for watching me in this week’s video if you missed any of those lessons or recaps then you can always find them on our website or just click the corresponding thumbnails. Remember there’s many more lessons on our website then there is on YouTube, a lot of those lessons are private or unlisted.

If you missed any of these lessons or you didn’t watch any of them then click the corresponding thumbnails or definitely make sure to get on that newsletter list so that way in the future you get notified when new lessons are released, when new trainings are released as well as getting some discounts on products and promotions.

Thanks for joining me and remember to do what you love, contribute to others, but most importantly live life abundantly see you next time.

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