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Ep 24: Life Insights for Trading Stocks

Hey everyone its Sasha Evdakov. It’s February 12, 2015 and welcome to the Rapid Recap. Now in the Rapid Recap if you’re brand new we usually talk about some stocks, some trading ideas or insights, things that maybe makes you think to implement into your system or into your trading style and you know just to improve your game.

Those of you that have been with me for a while then well you know what the drill is. In either case
I really hope you’re having a great week the market’s kind of moving a little bit sideways to action is and it’s not as fantastic as I would like it to be.

The signals are a little bit misguided and some people that I talked to are really struggling in the market and I just want you to understand and be aware that sometimes there are moments where you should be sitting out and you should be just being patient but usually there’s always a little acorn out there.

Meaning there’s always a stock or two or a handful of them arm that you can nibble on or get into the position and it’ll still run even if the market in general is moving sideways. With this in mind I got a handful of great emails over the last couple of weeks.

I mean again, I’m all the time for people that purchase my products, my courses or people that I just connect with you know people that just watch the Rapid Recaps and that are listening and learning and getting a lot of insight they are improving their game.

If you’re new I hope this happens to you but I’ll give you a couple examples and normally I don’t do this because I don’t care to talk about myself as much but it’s really about you and getting your game better so if this motivates you, if this moves you a little bit then I hope it does.

Basically I had a few different emails and I’ll share these quick little emails and insights with you just to maybe motivate you to say that hey there’s other people that have been probably where you are about a year ago and are improving their game or maybe some people that are just starting out that are using some other thoughts and ideas that I share to just get better.

It doesn’t have to be from a course or product that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying from the tips and techniques that I share. Let me pull up an email here and I’ll show you a few insights from people that I’ve interacted and what they say so here’s an example from the previous week and I’ll call him mister Max to keep their privacy private.

Basically they asked me for a trade suggestion or idea that they were in the trade and what I would do about it. So here was kind of my suggestion, I wrote some suggestions for one of the stocks and the stock was OPK.

Now over time you know that stock has done something like this and you can take a look at this chart and just a handful a days ago they emailed me back and they said “hey thanks to your suggestions which I followed to the tee. I am up huge on OPK and is still going strong with volume increasing on a daily basis but I’m still unclear on my exit strategies can you help me with that when you get a chance thanks for all your help”.

That’s just one example of someone that’s ready turning things around for them.

I’ll give you one more example so here’s another example and I’ll call him The Doctor and he just wrote to me just you know a day or so ago when he was just writing saying “Hey was just tracing back to see when I started my training education can’t believe how far I’ve come in less than a year couldn’t have done it without you or your courses. I’ve been averaging 10 percent a month on my portfolio, almost doesn’t seem real”.

The reason I’m sharing this for you is not to get into my own personal business, it’s just to show you that these people are successful and these people are improving their game and that you can also improve and get better.

If you surround yourself by high-quality people around you, if you attract and magnetize this positive energy and positive spirit but if you’re always stressed pulling in the negativity and associating with people that just don’t improve your life then you know you’re not going to get anywhere.

Me personally I struggled heavily, especially at the beginning I saw the hardships that you know money can do for you and if you don’t have a lot of it, we were living in poverty. In fact I was born in Siberia in the middle of nowhere pretty much a farmhouse and with enough plumbing.

You know when we wanted to take a bath in a way or a shower it’s technically going into a sauna and using the neighbors sauna once a week or once every three weeks if they would let us and if not you just use the hose because the water well was you know couple kilometers down the road and you have to go get your water.

I saw those things and in fact when I went back multiple times you know you still see that. The thing is that after we moved to the US with my mom you know I saw the hardships the struggles you know she to clean houses for a while and by time I was 10 you know we got our first computer.

I started doing some things and I was playing video games at first because well, I was still a kid but I started getting into it little bit design, work little things and started making little logos and drawings and things like that for people on eBay.

Over time the business grew 4 to 5 years later things improve. My mom was a hard worker and you know my business started to grow and I start to build a little nest egg and then started looking into investing but at the same time working on my business creating logos, websites for people and then I started doing photography sold one of my blogs and made a hundred thousand dollars later on after that.

It was a fantastic ride up to that point and you know up until then things weren’t easy. Getting over that hurdle was tough but once you build the momentum the rest, it’s simple you know but those initial struggles are always going to be tough and at the beginning you know even though when we had a little bit of cash started to get things going you’re still were struggling.

You’re wondering okay do I enter the trade here? Do I do this with my business?

You’re trying to figure these things out and that’s the hard part once things are in motion like right now, I have multiple business, I still do trading investing so I have things that are cooking they’re cooking and when I put on a trade that’s what I let it do its cooking and you just let things cook but that beginning part is that tough part and you got to know that this journey is not easy and you got to be determined to really work at it.

I hope that gives you a little insight that it takes a lot of work and I wanted to share with you just some other people that were trading or getting in the trading that they are able to do those things.

Now you’re not going to hit every trade but you were able to just continue to get better, continue to improve and after a while you can do the things that you love whether it’s going fishing, playing tennis, cooking those are the things that I like. I like to go fishing, I like to play tennis, I like going to Yoga.

My girlfriend doesn’t like going to Yoga, I like the hot yoga, I like to read, I like to study as weird as that sounds. I like the educational information and I love books you know I get so much knowledge out of it and I love connecting with people and just contributing to give back but it’s tough to have that flexibility until you get the other things in alignment and you know it takes time and discipline.

I hope these emails for you were a little motivational. Just use it as a little bit of energy to fuel yourself to just keep going and continue to get better you know you just keep putting a little bit of effort every single time and eventually grow to a lot more effort. So just continue to get better with every step and I hope that you do.

Let’s take a look at some actual stock charts and I’m doing this a little before the market closes so we’ll see when I can get it out but basically the S&P if you watch it you look at it. Here’s our resistance line. If you take a look at the SPIDERS there’s our resistance line and it’s moving up and it’s moving up on a weaker volume.

It’s moving up but it doesn’t have the sustainability in my opinion and even though things are moving up if we take a look at the DOW, when I start looking at it and I say hey okay it’s moving up but then the question is, is do I have that the reward in the direction that the market is going in.

I ask myself where do I have more reward, do I have more reward to the upside, do I think the market can go another 1000-2000 points or do I think there’s more reward, more possibility to be made going to the downside.

In my opinion since it’s coming up to the highs I believe there’s more reward to make to the downside rather than more reward to the upside so that’s what I like to look at. I don’t really worry about the direction specifically I look at where is my risk and where is my reward and if I get those two things in order then I know what trade is going to be more favorable to me and I’m looking at what’s going to be more favorable.

I don’t care for one or two-day gain some. I’m looking to trade in a calmer manner. I’m looking to trade for longer-term play so I can avoid the hypes, so I can avoid what everybody else is saying. I’m looking at my own personal items; I’m looking at my own personal reward and risk strategies.

I’m looking for what’s in the best interest for my account so in this situation even though you can look at the COMPOSITES as well. The Composites usually lead the markets. Now the Composites we did breakout today and that’s one of the key things that’s kind of triggering me to say okay we do have potential to go long.

However the other indices and the other things are not in full alignment yet if these align with the composite than I can say okay things have changed and if there’s also buyers coming in then I can say yes this market could be different.

Looking then at also individual specific stocks, you want to take these things into account so after I look at the overall market picture then I’ll take a look at what’s moving with the market or what’s moving against the market.

For example like BIDU here it’s moving against the market but then if I look at NSP for example this stock is moving with the market and even accelerating further. So you start looking at what stocks are moving with the market and what stocks are moving against the market.

Let’s break down a few of these stock so while we’re here let’s take a look at NSP here. We have the weekly chart and here’s our forty dollar level you can see it’s moving higher and moving pretty well.

Then the next one we have YELP. On the weekly here you can see we’ve actually created a little Head & Shoulders pattern so here’s our little head and there’s our two shoulders and then the stock then came down broke that and that’s coming back up to test this to test this gap, if it rejects then you could see lower prices so there’s the weekly chart and here’s the daily chart.

Lock, I know a few members have been training this since we had this A to B, B to C pattern forming and it broke right there and still moving lower, still starting to create an ABCD pattern here and just continues to move lower but it’s a slower-moving stock so we have to be more patient with these kinds of stocks they move slow.

SEE, here’s our resistance line stock popped, continues moving had one day doji. So today it has continued to move, forty six dollars at the moment we’ll see how the end of the day closes.

Hasbro also continues to move I’d like to see more gas and fuel come into this stock but it’s holding up pretty well.

AXP here it is, talked about the support line, came back retested it and sold off so there was that resistance and support line because it bounced once of a bit then when it broke it tried to come back to test it, sold off and now it came back up right there.

So you basically have ABCD patterns all throughout that moved as well and heavy heavy down volume on it today.

Ralph Lauren same thing, here’s the weekly take a look long weekly pattern for last couple of weeks moving lower so here it is still just moving lower of course it can pop and retest that and then sell back off that’s another option, HA, Hawaiian Holdings it’s pushing lower on this support line and if it breaks that you could see further lower prices.

DF, Dean Foods so here’s our gap right here that we have in Dean Foods support line we have a gap up here as well and if this stock breaks into this gap you could see it fill the gap and at least get into this 14.50 area and close that off.

ESPR has been moving really well since breaking this resistance line so for nice 13-point gain and in just a handful of days so 9 days that did 13 points so good move on that stock if you caught it.

We also have a Twitter. Twitter had some are good reports coming out, earnings and so forth and typically the I avoid these plays until they can kind of get in and break those levels because it takes some consolidation period it’s kind of like a flag pattern as they call it.

There’s your kind of flag and if it continues to move then by all means great and good opportunity go long otherwise what you want to do is watch out for this gap if it fills that gap definitely you want to get out because then it could come back so always be cautious of those gaps.

Facebook you see Facebook popping here the last couple days on a lighter volume. I don’t see the buyers and it’s a little bit more than usual but it’s nowhere near the average volume so to me it’s still acting week I would rather see this pop on heavier volume like around 47-43 million shares but I didn’t do that so to me it’s just a distribution consolidation.

It’s just playing around in that area or in this area really I don’t really care for Facebook much, I don’t really use it and I don’t really know why did the revenues really are there.

All the advertising from what a lot of videos I’ve seen they’re not really working so in either case we’ll see how that pans out.

Teco Energy I talked about this one here was the support line, broke it. Broke into it filled it continues to break lower now so now it has that potential to continue getting to this 18.89 level so let’s watch that one closely.

VNTV, right here popping after if you look at the weekly there it is, there was the setup, BOM popped heavy volume that’s what you want to see continues to run.

Tesla here we go continues lower now it’s trying to fill this gap right now but one thing I always like to say is remember the phrase of “What happens to the left typically happens on the right” and what that means is what’s going on here typically repeats. So we went down popped but we didn’t get back all the way up so we only popped halfway, so then what happened?

We sold off further then we popped again but we didn’t get back up to the old highs so what happened on the left, what do you think is going to happen on the right? Same thing there’s the pop, sell off so what do you think is going to continue happening?

Typically you know you might be wondering s how long does this apply or how many times can I do this do it until it proves otherwise, until it says I’m done doing this over and over again, it’s going to continue doing this so you don’t know it could keep doing this 57.10 20 times who knows and if it changes, if things develop otherwise then it’ll power back higher but if things don’t change then it’ll just continue doing these trend.

Always look to the left, what’s going on to the left and that’s typically what’ll happen to the right. It’s just a little tip for you guys.

Apple, take a look at this resistance line, it was pushing against it and pushing, finally broke through now you have three days of solid gains five-dollar run so holding up well and then you got YUM. Here’s our little triangle pattern consolidation pattern so it’s filling that gap so you can see if it it’ll pop higher or if it’ll break this trend line right here it could sell off much lower so watch that pattern and you then you can make your decision after that pattern has evolved.

Those are the stocks for this week and that’s kind of what’s going and what’s happening so hope you’re trading well and I hope you got some insight from the beginning of the video and got a lot out of it thanks again for joining me.

Enjoy your longer weekend holiday weekend if you get the Monday off and I’ll see you next week.

Thanks again.

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