The things that we cover in this course are already released um and that is basically right here:

We released it January 19th and January 26th.

We’re looking at the introduction to the course, the priority as you trade regarding the technical.

Breaking down your portfolio and capital usage.

We’re looking at different indicators like:

  • which do you pick
  • how do you pick these things

A few thoughts as you start looking at the technical within your trading different charting platforms. You can use moving averages to to look at future price projections. How do those apply in your option trades.

So we’re talking about how do we set the option trades up from the technical or using the technical.

How much weight do we give them? How do we use those moving averages to set up that option trade?

Top 3 things to watch as you evaluate charts which is going to be price action and behavior.

How do we see those things? How do we make sense of all of that? What is wide price bread and why it’s important?

How do you spot those on the charts looking at the different time frames? How to evaluate them on the charts?

We’ll look at the basics to understanding Bollinger bands with your trading.

Then we’ll look at applying them with option trades.

We’ll look at:

  • Average True Range
  • RSI
  • Stochastics
  • and other big name technical analysis indicators

How do they apply in the option trades? Do I use them at the beginning? Do I use them at the middle of the option trade? Do I use them at the end of it?

How do I combine it? How do I look at these things? How do I see them for what they are? How much emphasis should I really give them?

So that’s what we’re looking at as far as this course goes.

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Then you can see if you’re brand new to option trading, there’s the foundation course. I would say that this course fits in a little bit after the foundation.

So if you have some basics with option trades then you’d be getting this course. I wouldn’t get this course before you’re even doing options.

So this is definitely for people who are already doing some options or looking at options.

But if you don’t even know what options are, you’re better off to get the options mastery foundations course.

Then kind of go from there and then after that you’re fine to get the technical analysis course or move kind of through the progression of of the different courses.

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There’s a lot of knowledge and information there in using some of the charts to their benefit with their option trades.