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Ep 39: Get Comfortable with Money

Well good day it is May 28, 2015 and I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend here. It is lighter trading week this week just due to the holidays. So with the shortened week probably less trading happening overall with the volume, the market in the summer volume but there are still some trades out there that you could be trading and looking at.

Today what I’d like to cover is a handful of different stocks, our main primary topic of discussion is going to be Getting Comfortable with losing so that’ll be our primary topic of discussion and we’ll talk about these stocks right here.

These are the ones that we’ll cover today so what I want to do is intermix the less with some of the stocks and we’ll just kind of take it as is and we’ll try and input the lesson with in some of the stocks and what’s going on and what’s happening.

Now what I’d like to do is just go down the list alphabetically and that way if you need to look or re-watch certain parts or skip to certain parts just skip towards that area of the video.

With that being said let’s just dig into Apple right here so looking at the overall market though you know we’re still isolating here on these on these highs you know we tried to get back up there, we rejected those highs and you know we tried again to get starting to push up but then again volume right now is not acting that strong to push it through.

It doesn’t mean we can’t push through it just means it may take some more time. It takes time and energy to build up to these things and if you look at things like the SPIDERS, the same concept and same principles apply.

You know even though we’re kind of above this line just barely, you don’t really see follow-through like a strong stocks. Overall the markets are not pushing all in all in your favor but that doesn’t mean you can’t trade certain specific stocks or certain trades, it’s going to depend on your time frame, your timeline and what you’re looking for.

With this Apple stock there’s another opportunity that you could have traded it short for a day or two basically when that stock is coming up to these highs we already knew this stock had weakness right around this region.

If you are looking at to go short the stock you could have done so right here at that level and definitely taken some profits right away because that stock wiped out about a week’s worth of gains in one day.

If you’re day trading this would’ve been a great trade in a great place. So the way you would do that is you’re watching these highs over here and these were the highs with the earnings and so forth the stock rejected those highs.

Here we are drawing the line of resistance all the way across, stocks coming up to those rejected them, BOM you take it, you write it down for that play right there for the day and you’re good to go for about a three dollar gain, if you have a hundred shares, three hundred dollars.

In either case you could have traded it that way normally for me I won’t do a lot of these little day trades but sometimes I will just depends on the market conditions and what I also have going on but for these kinds of place right now with Apple being a strong player if you trade it to the short side…

When you’re trading to the short side you have to remember that it’s for a shorter, let me rephrase that: for a smaller time frame. I don’t like re-using the word short to cover the terms of the direction and also length of time.

If you’re looking to go for a short, for a short trade  you have to remember that it’s for a smaller time frame then maybe for going long and that is because stocks that go short or pull back its usually much quicker and much faster than they do heading higher and that is because there’s more fear, there’s more emotions playing on these stocks.

You have to always be mindful and we’re going to get into this psychology behind these emotions here shortly.

Let’s go to ANIP. ANIP is building, this one is building for that short. So you can see the setup right here is this line, its pressing like a jackhammer, pressing down on this floor on the support and if this gets broken you could see it heading much lower so if for waiting patiently we’re just waiting for the stock to break right here that’s it.

For some of you, you could’ve been waiting for this since December you know and now it’s coming back to this level so it may actually do one of these right here and bounce so it may actually bounce. So you’re waiting literally for this stock to show its hand.

If it breaks here on heavy volume something like this right here then you could nibble some shares short but you have a few things coming in right here, you have a 200-day moving average and you have the support line.

That’s really just showing you that there’s a little bit of support for the time being but if it breaks you could see further lower prices potentially somewhere in this 24 maybe to the gap 35 level, you can take a look at it over there but these things build.

Similar to GMCR which we’ll get back into in a second but you can see this line right there once it was building, it was building for a little while right here we had it building and then it broke and the stocks been running well to the downside for 13 points.

You have to remember that these short once they break they go pretty quick.

ATVI take a look at this one right here, this one has swing highs over here, draw it out all the way across, we had a test another place where we tested these highs right here and it rejected. So it rejected it and then it finally broke right here so the stock now is moving fairly well.

I’d love to see more volume coming in such as this or a little bit more like this one right here but you know we’re getting lighter volume right now but it’s you know it’s been a couple weeks now but it’s moving and it’s holding up fairly well.

If you take a look at the weekly it’s a pretty clean break and a clean looking line so that looks pretty good.

AVGO, same thing right here, here’s your weekly chart take a look, draw it across. Stock is coming in with fairly major bullish volume right there. There’s your pop, looks good for higher prices. Now you could have traded these on many different levels in many different fronts there was a point right there.

You potentially had a little point right around this region or right here even so there’s a lot of areas and stocks do that they stair step on their way up, stair step on the way down. They create patterns; patterns of support and patterns a resistance and the better you are at identifying these patterns the better of your probability.

Facebook, we talked about this one last week, this stock is still is not ready for higher prices it rejected this line right here, here was the other swing points right around this region and here was the other supporting swing points so you can see how this line plays a critical role but the stock even though it bounced.

Coming all the way across you can see that it bounced right here, off at this level came back up to retest that it’s still just isolating. You can see the descending volume right here, we’re just playing around within this stock for the time being.

Just be patient, allow it to clear a major level like this support and resistance line, be patient for things to clear if you’re not, you’re going to have to trade a little more quicker, a little more intraday just like with Apple.

If you’re looking at the Apple stock right here you could have done day trade right here but really ideally you’re looking for something to clear right around here. If you can see it clear actually this swing high right here would even be better.

You can have it clear on nice heavy volume, something around eighty million shares that would be fantastic because it would show you promise that this trend line could continue going because who cares.

If you hold the stock for just a little bit and it gets to this level and then it continues going back down you know that’s not a trade that you really want unless you’re just looking for a quick one dollar to two dollar move.

If you’re looking for one or two bucks then that’s fine but if you’re looking for a longer term play, looking for longer-term gains then you want to see things clearing the highs so it’s a little backwards than what we’re used to.

Normally our psychology would tell us we want to buy low and sell high but in reality here you’re buying high and selling it higher.

Take a look at GMCR which we covered earlier so here we have this stock basically on the weekly you can see the stock attempted multiple times to come back and retested these levels . Now the initial sign was right here.

Look at this initial big red volume spike the other one that was kind of before it was the right here and the one before that was right here. Those were the red volume spikes and now look how many are you getting over here.

So the sentiment has changed because if you look at it previously on the weeks here we have bullish bar, bullish bar, bullish bar and another bullish bars and if we change to the red bars here we go to the red bars you can see that we have more basically green arrows up until this point or green bars.

Then once we get in here now we start seeing more red bearish bar so things start changing all of a sudden. So you’re always paying attention on the things that the stock is telling you and when a stock is selling off at the highs here selling off at the highs with heavy volume here it is that just spells trouble.

Then what happens? Well we basically get it to come down to this trend line and it has an attempt to bounce here, has another attempt  to bounce, eventually that energy will take it further lower or whatever the energy’s building for and there’s your break to the short side.

If you paid attention you know you could have you know. Right here at 18 points but I know there’s a gap down so let’s just say 10 points. Even if you got in late you would have had 10 points. Here stock sold off you had initial sell-offs, you had earnings over here, stock tried to go higher further sell-off.

You know even if you miss you got in the first day and you let it ride you would have been up nine points to the short side if you would have been patient waited for retracements you would’ve been up about 16 points to the short side.

If you would have gotten in it late even when it cleared let’s just say right here, over here you still would have been up two or three bucks to the short side it’s just about being on the right side of the trade at the right time and being comfortable, and knowing what you’re doing is correct.

That’s kind of the discussion for today it’s about being comfortable, comfortable with losses, comfortable with your wins, it’s not just about being comfortable with your losses but I stressed the losses because a lot of people are not very comfortable at taking little losses and little hits.

For me I take a lot of losses. I take a lot a small little losses and that is because I don’t want to risk my position. See what can happen, see for some people they actually tried and nibble these trades right here to attempt to go to the long side right here and they hope that the stock goes higher but in fact what ends up happening is the stock’s building cause for the downside.

Now you could have taken the trade here in any of those directions, you could have taken it straight to the upside, right there at that point or you could have taken it to the downside at that point. Now you’re a bit of an early here but let’s just say you took the wrong trade.

You have to be mindful that you know you’re giving the stock an X amount of dollars on a stop whether that’s one dollar, four dollars, five dollars, ten dollars depending on what your risk is. Now I based mine based on the stock, based on how it’s moving.

This one for me still was not ready and sometimes these stocks they will psych you out like this stock right here or that movement right there, it will fake you. It’ll go down break that little line and then pop back higher and you say what did I do wrong? What happened?

This is where the emotions start playing in and that is because it affects our psychology of money and a lot of people are not comfortable with money.

When it comes to money most people when it comes to you a quarter to a ten cents, a dollar many people are comfortable but once you start putting on ten thousand dollars on this one trade, fifty thousand dollars, two hundred thousand dollars on one trade people’s are not usually comfortable.

You have to start becoming comfortable with money and as you start building this comfort level these little minute changes affect you less and less, it’s kind of like going to the gas station you know wealthy people in general are people that are not worried about money.

They usually don’t worry about the price of gas at the gas station. If you need to get gas you’re going to get gas. If gas is ten cents or twenty cents higher than where it was last week you’re not going to worry about it if you have nice bank account you’re just going to buy the gas if you need it.

Now for other people who think a little bit differently usually with the poorer mindset it will sway their decisions often times depending on if they decide to get gas today or not and this is because they are uncomfortable with money.

It controls them rather than control the funds and I understand we’re all at different levels and people tend to start at 0, everybody starts at zero but it’s the mentality and the way that you handle things that really affect you.

Especially in this business because this business is all about the psychology of money and how you deal with handling that cash, how you deal with handling your money and your investments.

So if you’re uncomfortable with moving money around with the price of things with financial things then this is going to be a tough thing for you to learn. Now for me personally I don’t like to waste a dollar.

I’m very cautious on my spending I don’t like to waste money for no good reason because personally I would rather give it to a child in need or someone’s that hungry.

There are a lot better places to do than to waste it on the markets meaning waste it to lose it so I don’t like losing even a dollar for that matter but in general you have to get over this notion of money controlling you and fear.

If you’re trading with a lot of fear this goes along the lines of being comfortable, being comfortable with your losses, being comfortable with money and handling money and not letting it rule your emotions or decisions and there was an interesting exercise that I’ve heard once from a financial guy that talked about it in a seminar once.

He basically said that you know if you want to get comfortable with separating yourself from money, don’t let it control you and he took out a hundred dollar bill and what he did was actually tore it up in front of the class and you know did it without hesitating at all.

I was a lot younger back then and for me at that time it was something to think about as little revelation that “Okay, this guy can rip up cash without even thinking about it” He said if you want to go ahead and try this exercise by all means go for it.

For most people of course they don’t want to do the exercise because it’s going to really start affecting you when you hold this hundred-dollar bills the value of it, it just feels a lot different in your hand if you’re getting ready to rip it up, throw it in the fire and this kind of thing.

It just feels a lot different but the active doing it allows you to be in control. So one of the things that I’ve done from this exercise was started it off slowly you know ripping up and tearing up a dollar bill so get a stack of one-dollar bills and you start tearing up one dollar bill every morning.

You start tearing it up, ripping it up and discarding it. Do that for about a week and you start to think and worry about it less. The cost of that lesson is seven dollars for you, if you do it every single day for a week you start to build this notion out that all of a sudden the value of money, the inherent value besides the paper is really not that much it’s literally just like paper but the lesson that you learn from that seven dollar lesson is really profound.

Now if the one-dollar bills are not a big deal for you pump it up, bump it up to five dollars, bump it up to twenty dollar bills after that just spend a hundred forty dollars ripping up some cash ,you start to get a sense of control over your money.

Now this is very different kind of lesson than you may get from in a book or learning because it’s the action and it’s the experience and I think that by doing something like this you really get to experience something that’s a lot different.

It’s a transformation, it’s a change. You know for you if you may only do it for just one dollar bill then that is good enough for you then by all means then stop there. There’s no need to waste the cash.

The point I’m trying to make is that learn from the lesson of being comfortable with money and being in control of your money but if you start getting fear like in this GMCR example and you decided that you wanted to go long on this trade right here but it actually turned out against.

Get comfortable with taking a loss right at this point, get comfortable with that and for a lot of people they don’t, they hold on to these trades, they continue to hold on to them, they’ll keep writing them down for a while until that loss is so high that it becomes so emotional.

I would rather you take a seven dollar loss at ripping up some cash or a hundred and forty dollar loss or you know a lot larger dollar loss if that’s what it takes for you to learn the lesson then thousands of dollars in the stock market.

If you learn the lesson quick then you don’t have to do it any more once you learn that you’re able to be in control of your cash and you don’t let it dictate your emotions then you’ve learned your lesson.

Now there’s a handful of other ways to learn these lessons, it’s just time amd experience just learning to take your profits. Some people will also learn through just by doing it time and time again by being successful with their trades and seeing that okay profits actually rise if I continue to make successful trades rather than taking larger losses.

There’s a lot of ways that you can learn this lesson but if this lesson helps you even if you just spend seven dollars by all means if it’s worth it to you in the long run then by all means go for it and take the lesson.

With this in mind let’s continue onto a couple more stocks and here I’ll tell you about GT with the losses and being comfortable with the losses, if you’re trading the stock you would have a few multiple losses.

I’m looking at this trend line right here right. Let’s say I was trading the stock first day I got in the stock took a loss right there BOM that’s a loss you know if I’m trading a thousand shares and I’m taking 20 cent loss here and there that could be a two hundred dollar loss right there.

Second day could be again another loss, volume was high, the volume is high right here pretty good, pretty good on both these days but the stock just wasn’t ready. Third day I didn’t even bother, it wasn’t even there no reason.

I’m waiting patiently for the stock to build energy now what happens, stock starts picking up energy right here I’m seeing it. Next day BOM, stock breaks out right here past this line, there’s the volume coming in.

Look at all these different volume bars that leader follow-through right there was your entry point so your entry point for this stock was right here but I took two losses right here which could have been four to five hundred dollar losses and if you’re not comfortable with doing that some other people would take it down here and that could’ve been a thousand dollar loss.

You have to learn to take your losses at the right time so then you allow the stock to run and so far it’s holding up well now we are due for a slight little consolidation, it’s a little extended so a consolidation for something like this would be healthy even a pullback to retest this level and then later bounce would also be fine.

There’s nothing wrong with that stock if it comes back to this level and bounces it’s just for retesting things and then you can continue powering higher. Always be mindful of how your stock is acting and how it’s behaving but in this example I’d have two losses straight there those were my two losses.

LVS is also building for a potential short. Here’s our lows over here building it all the way across and I’m watching this one for a short because also WYNN has been just considering going lower and lower multiple times again.

This one take a look here where your other losses that you probably have take, if you were trading this with me. The stock almost broke this level right here at the lows back here you know and then it popped higher there was your loss so there’s one loss.

Finally later over here you get in and this now allowed you to run for 30 points. I gave up to the three dollars over in level or one area right here I give up two to three dollars to potentially make 30.

That’s proper risk management, that’s what it’s all about you could look at it right here same concept. Same thing on any chat, any char you do. If you look at it this way tight ranging a support line and you wanted to get in right here there was your loss.

Later you got in and the potential for that again 38 to 40 points for four to five dollar loss. You got to get comfortable with that because what can happen is these stocks can reverse and they can reverse very quick.

Take for example Tesla right here I was waiting for this stock to go short. Here was your initial entry point for the short and this stock popped, this stock popped on heavy volume. Now I got out right there as I saw the volume, I saw it coming in and then weak volume on the way down ll of a sudden the sentiment changes.

If we look at the spikes, look at green spike and if we take it all the way across we haven’t had bullish volume for quite a while like that.

I was watching that and that was a signal but for a lot of other people  they’ll hold it over here in this stock still continues higher and they’re still trying to short it back here with the loos of you know fifty to seventy thousand dollars and that’s what happens.

You have to be comfortable at spotting these loss opportunities and the stock now is up policy 60 points. So you have to be looking at where’s that pain, be comfortable with taking those losses.

Let’s take a look at MRTX, this one right here here’s our rich line of resistance again your lost point you know would have a loss right here one right there, wasn’t ready. If you got in early right there that would be another loss but chances are I wouldn’t have taken it because it didn’t even push through very much on that one.

Then right here it got pushed through, cleared it, very nice clearing and stock continued well. So you know you had one loss other potential loss of let’s say what did you do a dollar fifty dollar. Two dollar loss for a potential to make already four to five dollars so you’re almost at a 3 to 1 ratio so once this hits six dollar profit you’re at a three to one right.

Just continue looking at all these areas, you’re going to have these little losses, I’m just trying to engrave it on your mind that you know it’s not going to be a perfect trade every single time.

This one again same thing watching the swing highs volume was not there yet and I’m watching here we had 1,000,000 shares to the downside, 1.1 at 390,594, not enough volume. We got 1,000,000 shares versus 600,000 so about half the volume. It was not ready yet okay so not there.

ORBK this one here we go looking at this stock this one was a fairly clean stock and if we just zoom in you can see nice volume right there breaking BOM, coming up, consolidating little bit breaking again higher so this has a nice ABCD pattern so we have A to B, B to C and C to D already right there smaller pattern. This one’s looking well, good heavy volume looks strong pretty good.

SAVE right here, this one’s building time, right here to go lower and you know it’s going to go lower why because the overhead supply look at those supply heavy sell-off find me a green spike, there’s your green spike, that’s later on, it’s not enough which one’s bigger draw it across.

There’s more complicated than this but I’m just saying relative speaking 14.8 million to the downside to 8.3. Let’s take it out to the monthly. Where’s your green spike? Right here 22 million or down on 22 and down on 31.

We went down on 31, down on 22.8 and then up on 22.1, 22.8 to the down versus 22.1 to the upside, which ones going to win? so then later we continue nineteen million down, 24 million down and now 23 million down and we still have few more days in the months.

This stocks built energy for a while to go to the downside and there’s your breaking point right there. Now you might have took a loss right around this level right here, this could have been a loss point just for dollar here there because you could have seen maybe a line.

You could have been watching something like this at the time this might have been your line and if you did this kind of line at that time this would’ve looked very attractive to you but then the stock bounced, got out right there couple dollar loss. So it continue to draw across fine we took a hit right here.

That’s your hit for two dollars and thirty one cents. Continue drawing your new line, now you get in later you re-attempted twelve dollar gain to the downside, two to three dollar loss, twelve dollar gain, so setting up for the right trades at the right time.

TRIP same thing here this one’s building watch this line right here there was your loss probably if you got in a little early didn’t break again we’re building another potential why am I watching because I’m looking at it for it to come down a potentially seventy to fill that gap right there.

Finally URI, take a look, this is what happens here’s these support trend lines and in one-day took out nearly the one point six months of gains the stock took out in one day. One point six months of gains and if you are day trading it you could have watch this stock retracing a little bit there’s you retracement and you know right here you would have been up three dollars to the short side.

Let’s just say you’re late two dollars and fifty cents to the short side. So that’s kind of what I want to share with you is that get comfortable with taking some losses.

Now don’t waste your money I’m not saying blow your money on doing this exercise but I’m saying if you’re not comfortable with taking losses, if it makes you scared to get into a trade then there’s a fear issue there’s a comfort issue with your money.

In this whole business is all about financial capital and if you’re scared with entering a trade, if you’re scared with exiting a trade, if you have fear about that trade start with one share, start with just one share and get comfortable with it.

Get comfortable with handling the cash be in control of that cash and rip up a dollar see how that feels you know take a moment to feel how that goes and then overtime you’ll get rid of the feelings because the end goal is to do the action if you’re tearing up something you just tear it up.

As you start adding your feelings into what you’re tearing up all of a sudden it becomes an emotional hinge. The same thing here as you get emotional to the stocky trade, I don’t care if I’m shorting Apple, I don’t care if it’s GMCR. I don’t care what stock it is I just look at the letters to me they’re just letters.

They’re letters that represent a company and that’s all it is, its people action volume, it’s a group of people. So to me it really doesn’t matter which stock I’m trading or you know which stock I’m trading short or long.

A lot of people be it on Twitter, be it on Stock Tweets, or be it on any place on the news they get very protective of certain companies and specific companies and that is because they are emotionally tied to their capital, they’re mostly tied to the company in some way whether they work there, whether they just like the products.

Once you start getting into that, once you start building that emotional connection with the company all of a sudden love is blind so if you’ve heard the phrase love is blind this is what happens. We get blindsided by our love for the stock, our love for the company.

When you’re making a trade you need to just be making the trade and that is my goal in this videos is to emphasize that when you’re taking a loss you need to just take your loss and move on if you’re just taking a trade for an investment purpose in order to acquire more financial capital in the end that is the business that you are in, you’re looking for appreciation.

Managing your risks, there’s a lot of other things managing your capital looking at momentum, looking at the economy. There’s a lot of other factors that you do have to deal with but just really comes down to capital, essentially there’s a lot of capital that you’re looking for and you’re looking for managing that capital putting it in the right spot and making it work for you.

So if you’re very emotionally attached to making a basketball shot or losing a basketball shot, it’s going to hinder the on you. So the same thing here as you start building all these emotions in play for a specific stock it’s really going to be problematic.

Take some exercises, do some exercises to separate you, separate yourself from that emotional connection of money. If you want to do a different exercise here’s another one for you, I think giving is also a very good thing.

Rather than blowing your money on tearing it up you know something a little more minor and also that contributes to other people is go ahead and just every day for one week go out and purchase something for somebody else that you just have no clue who they are just go ahead and just buy them something and give it to them.

Most people are not going to tell you what they want. For example if you go into a coffee shop and you’re buying a coffee just go ahead and cover the person in front of you and just  say no I got it, I got it or behind you and these are nice little simple gestures but once you start getting a little more comfortable with that because you play of the emotional feeling still in that respect.

Get to the point where you’re a little more uncomfortable so once you start making forty to fifty dollar purchases for people if that’s a little more uncomfortable for you now you’re starting to learn about the action part.

If for you fifty dollars is a lot of money and starts making you feel a little queasy to just spend that on someone else that you have no clue who they are then that’s where you should take the exercise. If it’s a hundred dollars or five hundred dollars then go ahead and do that exercise for five times wherever your level is until the point that you’re comfortable.

Once you’re comfortable you don’t need to do this exercise anymore if you don’t want to and that’s a personal choice but get into the habit of just being a little more comfortable with being in control of your cash and not your cash controlling you through your emotions.

I hope this wasn’t too deep of a subject you know tying it in and probably could have made a 10 hour course just on the psychology of money all on this topic on its own but you know I want you to get it. I want you to get this business and I want you to get these stocks.

Start looking at them as just symbols rather than specific companies in stocks and maybe that will help. Start changing the analogy for yourself and you know as you start tying this Green Mountain Coffee to through coffee you know it just starts looking a lot different than if I just block the symbol, just completely block out the symbol.

Here I’ve actually blocked out the symbol so now you can’t see it in the recording dimensions and you’re just looking at the chart. Now you’re just looking at the chart. So start looking at it just charts start looking at it as charts and trend lines. So which chart is this, how’s it acting, what am I seeing.

You know maybe that helps, maybe looking at things in this way starts helping you when you have no clue what the symbol is and you know start looking at these which one is it, how’s it moving, what do you see you know rather than looking at the ticker or what the company is and what it does start looking at what is this movement telling you what is the action telling you.

Maybe that helps, I’m not sure which way will appeal best to you because you know we’re not working one-on-one together but hopefully this’ll give you some ideas and concepts and things to play with to hopefully evolve you.

Then to hopefully evolve your psychology, to hopefully evolve your trading to maybe make you a little bit better in really being in control of your trading and not your emotions being in control of your trading so that gives you some ideas to play with.

If the examples don’t work for you that I’ve described or mentioned then just do the opposite of those and maybe that’ll be a little bit more beneficial for connection so I’m sharing the concepts and ideas with you in one way but for other people they’re basically opposite.

Actually let’s just take this example real briefly. I know we’re already at a forty minute mark here but some people are looking at forward and backwards. They’ll look at forward this way and backwards this way.

Other people look at forward this way towards the future and backwards behind them. So a lot of people look at things differently. So if I’m sharing the example with you maybe this way.

If you’re a person that looks at things forward like going out of your chest this way then you might want to look at things slightly different than what I’m talking about so just something opposite, these are just concepts and things for you to play with.

Other people they may look at things more in a negative connotation so for example if they don’t like being associated with negative people, they’re still associated towards social so let’s say we have things that motivate us and we have social affiliation and achievement.

If you’re a person that’s motivated by social contacts you also have one that’s toward social and away from social. Now towards social would be towards positive, towards good people, towards a humble people.

Negative motivation still in the social contacts would be towards away from the negative people so you don’t want to associate with drug dealers, you don’t want to associate with people who are just negative with their words.

Again the concept is the same they’re still motivated towards that same goal, it’s just one is away and one is toward I hope that kind of gives you a little insight again. So just use these examples to guide you in the way that is most effective for you so that you can take action and become better.

Thanks for joining me I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap and this shortened week for trading there’s still some good trades out there you know just take a look at some of the ones we mentioned. I’ll post in some more critical charts here soon and you know we’ll post a lot more than what we’ve covered in this recap obviously.

I just hope you’re having a great week, enjoy your weekend, spend some time with the family and make it a good one and if you have questions don’t be shy to email me and I’ll try to get to your questions as soon as I can.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next time.

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