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Ep 28: The Chit Chat in the Market

Welcome to the Rapid Recap and thank you for joining me. It’s march 12, 2015 and today I’m calling it “The Chit Chat” and that’s because I have a special announcement from one of the members that posted in YouTube the other week.

I decide to do something a little bit on special or different and I’ll let you know what that is here in one second. So for those of you that purchased the course, I want to thank you for getting the course. T his course has been a huge success for my eyes. I’ve got a lot of people that said it was one of the best technical analysis courses that they’ve ever had or watched or studied.

I really appreciate the feedback because if you don’t get a lot out of it then it wasn’t a winning situation for me no matter how many sales were made, it’s to me a win is when you learn, when you get something out of the material, when it takes you to another level, when you get any insight, when the light bulb goes on that’s a win.

Get the course here >>> How to Trade Stocks with Technical Analysis

If you haven’t heard we released this training with technical analysis and it is a massive course and I did put up that video that gives you a little summary of that course and a its 14 DVD’s or 17 modules that’s 10 hours-long right there plus there’s also bonuses which is the 235-page study guide and manual and then you have three boldness DVD’s and also 30 days to the critical charts and for a whopping less than three hundred dollars.

This special probably run for another term week and a half or so and then and then I’ll be done because for those of you that know me I don’t do a lot of specials and promotions. I don’t have the time for them and I just do the promotions once we do a new course or new launch and for anybody that’s been with me has studied my material or is connected with me then they get the discounted price.

In either case you do get the physical copies and versions of these DVD’s of these videos, the manual and all the stuff you get the physical versions if you live in the United States. Now I think most of my customers are in the United States, ninety-five percent of them are.

If you do want the physical copies of these and you are international then you just just email us and we can set you up in terms of paying the additional shipping rates and then you can get the physical copies for the spy otherwise everybody gets instant online access and few courses did ship out this last week but the majority of them are going to be shipped out probably in the next hour 4 to 5 days.

We had to manufacture a few more because we did sell out completely within the first day I just didn’t expect that and I didn’t see it coming but people are hungry and people are very motivated to learn and to continue their education.

Thank you for that and they should be coming soon. I’ll let you know as soon as things evolve. So if you want to get this course just go to this link right here at the top and you can register for the material but if you’ve purchased other courses in the past you can just click here to login and get the get the course from there.

Now again it is a little bit, it’s a 40 percent of the other material is similar to the stock trading foundation green course and that is just because the green course is more about kind of nibbling on a lot of different components and parts of Technical Analysis and it covers other things like stops and money management and risk rule but this course is all about technical analysis and we also do a lot of examples in this course where as with the green course there’s not a ton of examples.

With this in mind let’s move forward to the special Chit-Chat that I wanted to let you know about so I hope he doesn’t mind me using this or posting it but it is public so this one comment was posted on YouTube and it got me thinking.

It got me but moving in how can I contribute, how can I help people out and you can read this comment if you like but this comment really connected with me, it resonated with me and I know that everybody’s at different levels. Some people are at a more advanced level in their life or more progressive level, they have more money to invest let’s say.

Other people are in a mid-level, some people are restarting their lives. Some people are just getting it going so we’re all at different levels and that’s perfectly fine it’s completely with wherever you are because you are where you are you know but we’re all trying to improve to get better to contribute.

For me I find that time is one of the most precious things that I value and if I could have compressed sometime with anything that I do, whether that’s buying a book or buying course, going to seminars, if I compress my education or compress some of those mistakes that I made in my early years and just not do those mistakes then that would be phenomenal because you can’t buy more time and if somebody was there to really just guide me.

If somebody was there to reach out their hand and say “hey you know let me let me help you out, let me talk to you, let me at least give me some ideas and insights” of you know maybe a person I was or just a little bit better than I was or may be a person that just had my best interest in mind or was going to give me the real truth and honest opinion without being too biased then I would’ve definitely taken that hand that reach out and if it was available.

With this in mind because I connected so heavily with this comment, I don’t know it just made me start thinking about things and I know that there’s a lot of you that are at a different level. Some of you are just starting out in trading, some of you are teenagers, some of you are in college, we got some retired folks and we have a whole bunch of different people all over in different situations.

What I want to do is for the people that connected with me, basically people that connect on YouTube that go out of their way to put the time and energy. People that I’ve seen in the YouTube channel people that have emailed m and people that have purchased material, if I start recognizing your name and so forth you have a better shot of getting this kind of our better shot at me choosing you.

What I’ve done is really set up this Coaching Free Chat so if you go to the website here and you go to Free 20-minute Chit Chat pretty much anyone that fills out this form right here there’s going to be a form fill it out name, email, address, phone number and Skype ID.

If you’re international and you choose your times, times that you’re available check mark all of them if all of them work for you and then some things that you want to discuss or your goals, your ideas and what I want to do, is I want to give you a free 20 minute Chit-Chat a free consultation kind of.

Whether you want to call it a consultation that’s totally up to you this isn’t like my mentoring program. I only mentor a handful of people per year and that’s because we spend a lot of time on the phone. I spent a lot of time with them you know a one or two hours per week and that just choose up my time and that is why I value my time so heavily.

For those of you that have been motivated for those of you that have been struggling whether that’s in you know trading strategy, personal investment, some goals, and some business strategies you know because I do also a lot of business strategies and consultations as well.

If you believe that I can help you or you want someone to reach out and just chat with you to give you some insights about maybe a business plan that you’re aiming to start or maybe a stocks system strategy that you’re thinking about implementing and you want my opinion then you can fill out this form and I will call you and we will chat and we will go over some things I’ll maybe give you some insight kind of like a brainstorming session of things to think about.

I can’t promise I’ll be perfectly nice about every little detail and say that “Oh good job” I will give you the honest truth of what I think about your strategy or what you’re doing and maybe give you a way to think about it.

It’s not about me a hand holding you but it’s about me giving you some guidance. It’s about me teaching you making you think because in the end you know giving you some ideas to think about so that way you can make the proper decision or maybe some concerns whether that’s in your trading strategy whether that’s in business goals, whether that’s in your life goals, whether you’re a student in your investments, whatever it is.

If you believe that you need some guidance or you want sometimes or you just want to chit chat for let’s say 20 minutes and I’ve limited to 20 minutes because again I value my time heavily then just go ahead and fill out this form.

As a disclaimer again, I’m not a personal advisor, I’m not certified in anything that you probably will ask me you know it’s just basically to give you some things to think about and I’m going to cherry pick some people that I’ve seen around. I will try and reach everybody that fills out the form but I will give priority to those people that have been around and been motivated and have been commenting and interacting with other people to help contribute.

I’ll recognize your name in the rooms in the chat rooms. Not the chat room but on YouTube and so forth and I will try to set a limit to about 20 minutes for the calls and I’m just testing this out to see how it works because if I find that it’s too demanding on my time I may not be able to do it.

What we’ve done and what I’ve asked actually was that we set, I think we have 20 per week entries that we can do. So if this entry form gets full and it’ll tell you that it’s full then you can go ahead and try it another week and then fill it out.

I don’t want to dwell too much on this it’s just a free thing that I want to do to contribute to help you out that if you’re struggling and you want some idea and some opinion then you can just fill out this form with your topics, questions or issues you want to discuss and then I will reach out to you during one of these time slots and maybe we can Chit Chat, give you some insight and you know be better and get better.

With that in mind let’s move on to some stocks sorry about the little on chit-chat so I do want to cover some stocks today as well and I’m and let’s get cooking. First off, let’s start with the Dow Jones we got a 260 point run or gain today and I’m still watching kind of these highs on the stock. It is making these higher lows right here if you draw the trend line but to me that the market is a stock pickers market.

There are some stock picks out there that I’m watching and some stocks that I’m in. So for example we talked about this one last week. Cracker Barrel right here we had a huge spike we had a consolidation and now the stock continues to move higher. It’s a classic set up working really well for me you know you just sit on it so you know you get in to the trade, you let it sit and then adjust here for about two weeks and now it’s continuing higher.

You know what’s not to like about that one. That’s kind of my strategy, that’s what I’m doing, is I’m picking very specific stocks in the market. I’m not trying to trade every single thing I’m just looking to pick specific stocks that are moving well, acting well, behaving well and you just sit you get into the trade and you sit.

It’s that simple and you don’t have to trade every single day. I know that there are day trading chat rooms out there. There’s people trading every single day and you can do that that’s a whole different game for lot of different type of personalities, those are A personalities that just want to trade every day and you know they feel like they need to trade every day and that’s okay it’s a different of trading it and if it works for you great.

For me I like longer term positions, I like stable positions for the swing trades and they typically go longer and also I just am a more calm about it.

Cracker Barrel we talked about last week and it’s doing pretty well.

NSP same thing here we talked about this one if you take a look at the weekly there was break. Another little consolidation just continues to power higher, working really well and holding up nicely.

AAPL let’s talk about some of the big boys so here at this stock broke higher, here beyond this level and the stock continued to move and now it’s pulling back. If it bounces here at this one 119.75, 120 level may step and add.

Another opportunity or potential to add is if it breaks kind of this channel and moves to the upside so it’s another nibbling opportunity however for now I think it would be a little premature wait to see if this 119 level hold so you want to see that holding.

Facebook popping a little higher today but it’s on weak volume. My projection again if it comes back to hear it’ll be another great short opportunity because it’s moving up with lighter volume. Now if it changes things around then of course I can change my opinion.

If it powers higher through this level then of course you’d want to get out up but right now we’ve had it rejected once, twice, three times, four times these highs so stocks typically repeat so why would I think that this time would be any different. Instead I’d rather wait to see if it gets right here, if it gets there and it starts showing weakness then again it’s another great short opportunity and you let it ride for a few dollars or whatever.

This was a three and a half dollar run and again you can do the same thing or it can run down to 74 so who knows but you’re watching these price levels.

Netflix, we talked about in the critical charts as well this stock, watching this level this was your short entry point right there you know it’s a quick short in terms of time frame because the stock moves quick. So got in it short right here right after breaking this and took some profits quickly because this one has some good solid support right here.

A lot of volume I’ve got a gap break here but it did breaks a critical level there and now it’s balancing so I still have part of the position but if it comes up here and starts rejecting you could see it go lower so watch it closely and we’ll keep an eye on it but if it breaks that line right here at 459-460 you could see it to come back and retest these 486 so it was a good run and of course you’re watching this gap.

This gap has a weakness so always watch these gaps.

In Tesla we had a lot of different ABCD-patterns here. Now in general you can see that the stock has been moving downward and if we go with A to B, B to C, and C to D, there’s our ABCD pattern. So it starts creating this pattern that again we got ABCD pattern. We have our resistance at these levels.

There’s a lot of things that are pushing this stock lower and if you break it down into the weekly you can also see that we have this critical line that stretches all the way here and if it breaks that if it breaks that you could see some trouble to get to 120 and also some other things in the volume like right here are also showing you some key things ties.

The volume is also showing you that “hey you know it has been acting weak lately”. Now if it breaks out right here and starts moving to the upside things could change and you want to see a nice volume spike like this one to the upside and then I could say Okay I’m long, I’m getting in long but for the time being where’s the risk and where’s the rewards you always want to measure that.

On this stock, the better reward is to the down side you’re next entry point would be right here to the short side if it breaks there than you could see me stepping in and adding to the short position so stock has been moving down pretty well for quite some time.

Also one more that i want to tackle is WYNN. I believe we talked about it last week. I know I’ve been mentioning it that this retracement right here was on lighter volume and you can see that lighter volume right here you can see that it’s pretty much not breaking these highs of that volume bars.

Then now we got these volume bars that are coming in with this huge cluster at this huge group of red and again great shorting opportunity and you can see this bearish volume rising here. The retracement volume right here was weak and then again more volume coming in.

The volume is the basics it’s the basics of everything it’s the energy. Many indicators playoff the volume and if you learn to read the volume you don’t need all those indicators because you can read the volume. For people that don’t know how to read the volume that’s why they use all those crazy indicators because they don’t know how to read volume and they need or they think they need that they’d want that indicator MCD’s these all these different things.

Really if you get good at reading the volume you don’t really need those indicators because it’s right there most of them, lot of them are based on volume and price and the action of how it’s moving  so that’s really the if you’re if you’re reading you’ll be light years ahead of a lot of people and light years ahead of me as well when I was first trading.

Alright here’s a another stock ACAD, this one major sell-off, major down volume and again if you take a look at it we’re setting up, you can say that here was the initial trend line however at the trend line got a little bit accelerated so there was the next trend line. If it breaks this trend line of support, it could be a great shorting opportunity.

It is a pharmaceutical company that tend to lose a lot of money on pharmaceutical companies actually it’s kind of want to those old things that I’m scared of a little bit because I have had one of my first major losses about the thirteen years ago or something like that in a pharmaceutical company.

Biotechs they whip you around so always be cautious with these companies. Sometimes they spike heavy and then they sell off quick. So always be cautious of those things.


ESP, same thing moving pretty well watching these highs right here, it could be another adding opportunity but we’ve consolidated here and then we powered higher consolidated here again little pattern retracement and then powered higher and now again we’re approaching those highs and we could come go up and go higher again so this stock has been moving pretty well.

TWOU, I don’t know what this stock is, it just kind of caught my radar it’s a new company. Its trading 1.9 million shares for the day and you can see it’s moving past these highs personally I like trading those stable companies but this one has some volume coming in however it is new so always be cautious with sell-offs on these newer companies but you can see there it is clean break.

Watch for that second day follow-through and then you can see it move higher if it has that second day follow through.

There you go that’s the Rapid Recap. Again if you want a free consultation don’t be scared it’s just my way to chat with you get inside your head, if you just want some help just think of it as a friend a mentor.

I want to contribute and again we’re limiting the registrations just please try and be as respectful as possible to the time and respectful and positive on the phone callers as well I just don’t want to deal with the negativity.

Fill out the information if you like as best in detail and you know just my best way I feel that I can contribute back and one last final point if I’ve helped you over the years for those of you that have followed me, probably sometime in the summer we’ll redesign the website and we’ll put up some testimonials, we’ll put up some people’s reviews of some products and things like that.

If you have some testimonials that you want to send to me whether that’s about the YouTube channel, the lessons about the courses whatever it is if we’ve interacted on email then just go ahead send me an email and just attach a head shot if you would, if you don’t want to attach a headshot that’s fine too and we’ll probably put that up on the website when it gets redesigned maybe in the summer time.

That would just help me out a lot and I would appreciate it. In either case thanks again for watching the Rapid Recap. I truly appreciate your time, I appreciate you sticking with me and if you have any questions you can also use that email as well to just reach out and ask your questions.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next week.

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