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Ep 27: The 90% Battle in the Stock Market

Welcome to the Rapid Recap. I’m Sasha Evdakov and its March 5th 2015. Now today I want to talk about the 90 percent battle that you’re going to do in the stock market and also talk about some stocks in the current market conditions, what’s going on and what’s happening with those stocks.

Now before we get there, I do want to let you know that I do have the technical analysis course available for those of you that have been anxiously awaiting it. I know it was delayed by week or two here but I wanted to make it perfect and just right and I did want to add in bunch of different bonuses which I’ll show you here in a second what they’re all about but it’s not fully available online meaning you can’t just find it on the website.

You have to go to a special link but if you do one it you can go ahead and get it already. I just don’t have the promotional video on there yet and a couple of other little things.

With that in mind what it looks like is something like this and the way you get it or purchase it is if you have an account already you would go to the members section and login and  go through there and that page what actually look something like this.

Now members who have been with me for some time actually get a discount even more so than the pre-launch so it’s actually going to depend on your account, how long you’ve been with me and just some other stuff that the tech guys put in there so you do get a little bit of even additional discount from the main course discount.

Right now the disk sets are basically 14 main disk sets and then you also get a few of these additional bonuses and I’m just going to run through this quickly because I want to get to the Rapid Recap. So it’ll be a 235 page book. It’ll be a practice homework DVD which is really related to the course.

It’s going to be another DVD and video about how I scan stocks and how I build a watch list. It’s going to be a video are for the 245 money-making stock charts set-ups for swing trading, for the book so it’s basically discussing some other charts in there and talking about the setup so even if you don’t have the book it’s going to be really helpful and viable just looking at more charts and technical analysis.

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I assume that once the video the promotional videos is released we’ll probably get a bunch of  orders but if you want to get this course then just go to this the link right up here so go to that link right there and you can go ahead purchase it.

If you do have an account in the past just go to members and then login and then you’ll be able to purchase that course which will have a big yellow button that is a very good looking at the moment but will allow you to purchase that course even lower price.

Now as far as the insides this is what it looks like so the videos are basically 51 minutes here, 34 minutes here. For that one 43 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and 4 minutes so you can see that it’s a pretty massive course.

Then we have bonus video for the practice homework and this one just is really about looking at the technical analysis and what it’s about. We have the 245 Money-Making Stock Charts setups and then we have a how I scan stocks and build a Watchlist which is also going to show you some things on screen there as well.

There’s a lot of material on that course so that’s really what it’s all about and that’s what the course looks like. Let me give you a rundown without all the video stuff. So looks like that and that’s pretty much all the videos and there are 17 modules, 14 DVD’s, 10 hours just for the course plus another three hours for the bonus material.

If you wanted to get that then the link to get it would be at this website address right here at the top or just log into your account and again like I said if you want the physical copies just be patient because it may be sold out pretty quickly and it’ll just probably take two to three weeks to get those and but we’ll get there within a couple weeks.

Once the promo video comes out I’m sure there’ll be probably more people that want the course because it’s a massive course and I put a lot of energy into it because that was my goal was to give you as much as possible for those of you that we’re hungry to learn in one series and this is probably one of the more in depth courses that I’ve ever created.

We are working on one options course that’s going to be probably twice the size of this or I hope that’ll be about twice the size of this because I just want to pack it with some extreme value and just give you the best knowledge and information that I believe is out there in terms of learning arm in the stock market.

With this in mind, let’s go and talk stocks. Let’s just take a look at some of the market and what’s going on and what’s happening. So with the market basically over the last couple weeks or two we’re just been idling. We’re isolating here little bit and there’s not a lot actions.

However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stocks to trade or stocks to look at and stocks that you can create a healthy income from or profit and hold on let them run.

Let’s go over some of things that we talked about from last week and then I’ll share with you a few new picks and new stocks that caught my eye and radar this week. One of the popular ones I noticed was Facebook because it trades $27 million shares, volume is picking up on this stock and it tried to break through today with a little bit more than average volume

However it didn’t have enough juice so the line that I mentioned actually on Twitter to watch was this and you notice that it hit right there and it rejected those prices. That means it’s not ready and pretty much assumed it would do this because looking at this rate here on 226-227 it rejected those prices.

When it came up to this swing point high, I assumed that it would reject as well because it’s not acting extremely strong, it may pick up and break through it soon in which case if it has the juice, if it has the volume, if it has the price action, if it has the wide price spread and if it has my pattern then I will enter it long but until that point I’m sitting and waiting.

We’re waiting for this line to break right here at about 82.17 – 82.18 so that’s Facebook.

Next one Netflix, Netflix has been a pretty good or solid run however now we have this little sell off. The stop if you’re in it long and you’ve been in it from this region or this level or even this region or this level and hopefully you’ve been peeling some off into strength, your stop should be just slightly below this line right here because if the stock breaks this line and it’s accelerating some volume right now.

You could see some serious trouble because we do have this empty gap right over here in this region so keep an eye on that gap and just be careful and watch out. So if it breaks that line you could see trouble and again of course it may bounce right here on this support level the top and bottom of the gap but if it breaks below that then you really have some trouble.

MCD we talked about not last week I believe but maybe the week before and this one had this descending trend line moving, we had some heavy volume coming in and it broke and it’s holding up pretty well.

If you’re still in it on this break or from this break then just hold on to it, you can peel some shares off in the strength and you know let it ride. I mean just take it easy enjoy the family or go read a book and that’s all just hold on, if it breaks your stop then you know you get out pretty simple concept.

Cracker Barrel same thing we talked about this one last week. This was the highs over here previously broke those nice heavy volume continued for a second day follow-through which confirmed the move. The price spread was nice and wide. You can see the top of this bar to the bottom has a nice wide bar.

When you see a nice wide bar that shows a little bit of a conviction, it shows a little bit of trust in the move and with the second day as well that also makes things a little bit better or healthier.

Now we’re moving a little bit sideways and this may take some time and we consolidate and then if things work out we can continue higher or if they don’t it may come back here, bounce and then go back higher.

If it breaks this line then I would definitely be out of the stock so watch this line very closely, NSP we talked about as well. This one if you look at it on the weekly it’s a lot better this has massive run for the last couple of weeks.

You can see this swing point high right over here and then it broke right around this region and afterwards we had another little resistance line right there. Let’s zoom in on a 2-3 day, continued broke again right here on heavy volume and the stock continued.

If you got in it whether it’s on this earlier line at the forties or you got in at the 45’s then that’s a good healthy 7 to 8 dollar run and you know just peel some of in the strength and continue to ride it simple as that, right?

YUM we talked about YUM as well. Yum is doing pretty well, we had this run right here and consolidation pattern. Nice run from the $75 dollar level all the way to about 82 you can see that stock pulling back just a little bit here the daily.

You can see it pulling back just a little bit right here if it comes to this line and bounces this would be the adding opportunity and that’s where I will add if the stock bounces on nice volume however if it breaks it I will be out fully.

Next one we have LL, Lumber Liquidators so this one is an interesting pattern. If you look at the way weekly you can check out the ABCD pattern. Here’s our A pattern if you want to get more precise you can say here A to B, B to C and now C to D. So you can see that ABCD pattern.

As this evolves you can see that the stock is moving heavy volume to the downside and if you look at it on the daily the ABCD pattern is much tougher to spot. So always look at your charts on multiple time frames and now you can see this pattern evolving.

Similar to LOCK, we talked about LOCK for months and I was talking about it since November watching this pattern. It’s such a clean line and  a lot of our members on the critical charts that got in it right here on the break and even though it’s a slow mover it was a very clean two and a half dollar run and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If it works for you fantastic then continue to run it but the pattern here it is we got the A to B, B to C and now C to D. So you can kind of see that pattern right there evolving. So always look for those patterns if you can.

By the way here’s another ABCD pattern that caught my radar. Here again on the weekly so there it is. Can you spot the ABCD pattern? BOM there it is ABCD pattern and this is basically crowd behavior. This is what happens as crowd behavior evolves and develops.

Now you can look at things on the daily which is a little bit more of a precise entry point it gives your entry points into the stock but the weekly is more critical and more prominent and if you have the same thing on the daily as you do on the weekly more probabilities and more things are in your favor and the more things you have in your favor the better are your odds.

That’s what this business is about probabilities. It’s not that you have to trade a whole bunch you just have to trade the right stocks at the right time and know all those probabilities.

Same thing with ANF right here, we got A to B, B to C and C to D, take a look. If you entered this stock playing with these new drawing tools right here on that break as you can see volume is starting to pick up. If you entered it right here even if you entered it late right there you still had a very solid run from thirty-three dollars to 20 twenty dollars.

Who wouldn’t want that? Thirteen dollar gain in just three months for a very clean pattern, yes I know it moves slowly here but why have no mental clarity. Why do you stress out during trading? You know everybody’s looking for those quick gains when in fact one of the most important things for me is the quality of life.

Why do I need the stress? Of chasing after a five dollar gain in a penny stock when I can just relax, I can chill out right here for just a month or two, couple months 13 point gain to the short side makes it simple.

ABCD pattern evolving right there so there it is. Let’s take a look at a couple of other ones maybe some new stocks.

OREX, take a look on the daily. This one had a couple swing points here so notice it came up here, it rejected it came up here, rejected it. This time it broke out and it did it on heavy volume so that was a key sign if it  can hold it may see a few more dollars but this is an a dollar stock it’s a cheap stock so sometimes these can be manipulated.

Always be careful but I figured it would throw it in there for those of you that you know trade these stocks.

Here’s a VEEV, also you can think of this as an A to B pattern, B to C and now the C to D is breaking. So this is the weekly it is just starting, it is just getting started and you can see we have a little gap right here and on the daily that pattern is tough to spot.

Take it out to the weekly pretty simple pretty clean, stock is moving lower, the volume over here is quite are high so the stock looks pretty good for shorter from first short. Of course watch that gap up there because they can get filled and then it can sell back off.

Next one TNET, same concept upward trending support line these upward trending support lines if they get broken with the gap and with heavy volume that spells trouble. So we got a gap right here we got wide price spread here.

We got heavy volume here, we have a solid support right there. Now that’s solid support right here if it’s broken which it was now it could spell trouble in which case the stock can evolve a new pattern something new can be created.

New things get involved from patterns when these patterns break and it’s a good thing in my opinion because it allows you new opportunities.

It allows new chart patterns to form and it allows you to get into stocks that you potentially missed so embrace the pullbacks.

PCYC also another one that’s good to look at the weekly, take a look at this here’s our resistance line broke through it. Continued to move higher consolidated for a little bit for a week there broke through it continued to power higher from the 178 to the 254.

If you got in the stock even if you got in it late, in six days you’d makes seventy dollars, in 6 days okay? So here was the resistance line I know not every play works out like this but this was a good win for those of you that got in it, nibbled it.

Here was the other little flag pattern as well so this stock just powered higher but don’t chase this stock, it’s just an example for you to learn from. Let’s do one or two more.

BIO here take a look weekly, weekly trend line starting a break volume right here. Starting to pick up there’s the break coming in. We’ve seen nice action from here and the stock is creating higher lows so notice this upward trend line starting build.

There are a few things in my favor on this stock and that’s why in my opinion it looks pretty good. The only thing is can it follow through and can it stay above this level?  That’s the key and that’s what we’re watching because it only trades about 400 thousand shares. So it’s not a heavily traded stock, not to mention it’s in the healthcare sector so it could be a little rocky.

Always be cautious peel some on the strength on these kinds of companies.

INTL, international associates, here we go here’s our resistance line pop. We have nice heavy volume right here. There’s your entry point stock’s moving consolidated for a little bit. Here was our little consolidation pattern, here we go little consolidation pattern and now we are breaking again so for a thirty dollar stock the pattern still looks clean, looks healthy some other key signs were actually right here.

You can see some of the heavy volume spikes you can see the increase here. So there are a lot of things that showed you what was happening. In addition you have this descending trend line of volume as this stock was building this base right.

Lot of good stuff there that was in your favor and finally last one let’s just do this last one, IMKTA. This one has potential to go higher because if you look at the last one we have similar concepts and play so take a look here we have descending volume while we’re consolidating right here, there’s our consolidation pattern with the descending volume.

The up volume, the bullish volume we had a rise here was the rise and now as we’re starting to push against the swing point we’re pushing up by on it, we had increase in volume coming. The retracement was on lighter volume so now what we want to see is about 400,000 to 500,000 shares come in.

If we don’t get that it could reject these so we want about 500,000 shares to come in and then we may see it power higher so that’s kind of the goal of this one but it looks like it could break out maybe tomorrow maybe next week if it doesn’t and it rejects these prices then there’s no reason to chase it.

Now one lesson for today is the 90 percent rule that I want to discuss and it’s the 90 percent battle. A lot of times in the marketplace you’re going to be battling and most of the battle most of the battle that you’re going to be doing is going to be with yourself and that battle is going to go back and forth with “am I trading with the right technical indicators”.

“Do I need a different indicator”, “Am I entering too soon”, “Am I entering too late”, “Am I I trading the right amount of shares”. This battle that you’re dealing with yourself is the majority of the game in the stock market. It’s the majority of the things that you have to overcome.

I f you don’t overcome the internal concepts, if you don’t overcome the internal game of this business then you’ll never be successful because the majority of the issues that people have is not the tools and techniques. The tools there’s a lot of tools out there and you can trade in so many different ways.

You can trade just following at the moving average even if you got into the moving average right here when it broke the moving average and was a little above it, okay so you take a chance and then you got out right here because it’s going under the moving average.

You know you could have done a trade like this but the battle and the issue would be something along the lines of when the stock starts pulling back like right here, start wondering “Oh is it going to come back?”, “Am I going to have to sell my shares is it not going any higher” and which you got to remember is you got to relax.

A lot of times when you start thinking like this is you’re not thinking about the charts logically you’re thinking about the money and so many people you know they’re just focused on the monetary gain and they’re focused on making that next buck and you know I kind of laugh sometimes because I used to be that way to.

I would chase the dollar here and chase the dollar there and you know hey maybe I can get this stock that stock and finally when you surrender yourself to just focusing at the system, to focusing at looking at what’s in front of you, which is the chart.

Focusing on the price on the company on the behavior when you just take that fundamental concept and just do it the way it’s supposed to be done rather than fighting with yourself in your mental game.

You’ll be way more successful, way more successful thousand times more successful that is when everything really comes together. It’s when you start putting all the mental pieces together and most people they don’t get it because they’re fighting with the external things, they’re fighting with these guys, these indicators are good or this guy’s analysis isn’t good or the stock picks that I chose were wrong or this and that.

A lot of it is all external problems that really could be avoided or they could be magnified, they can magnify your success. Imagine if you eliminated every single loss that you had because of your mental issues if you got rid of your mental issues and the games that your brain plays while you’re doing trading.

Imagine how much more successful you could be and it’s funny because when you think about it this way because you know you have to find something that really applies to you and works for you. For me I love studying, i love reading it, it keeps me distracted and it keeps me focused.

I like creating and teaching content, working with you guys that for me actually allows me to sit on my hands. It allows me to not worry about the chart as much when I enter the position I let it sit, I let it cook.

I let it cook like a crockpot and it’s there and they continue running for days or for weeks for months and you let them go.

Here’s an example of you know a stock that’s breaking out, breaking to the downside. Even if you nibble a little bit you just sit and be patient. The weekly chart says that things are in my favor it’s just starting.

ANF earlier this was three months earlier right here, if you just nibble the few just let it sit. Just let it said and then go enjoy your life and let it ride you know and people want to be the day traders, people want to chase the stocks and people you know they want to make the quick bucks but the reality is that takes more focus, that takes more energy.

It takes a lot more commitment and for me I don’t want to be more strained when I’m trading. I would rather be more relaxed. I would rather be more enjoying my time with my family. I would rather go out and just do something fun.

Now I do some day trading from time to time but that’s because the opportunities are there. That’s because the setups are there but I don’t chase the stocks and I don’t chase the trades just to trade and I don’t chase the trade just to make a few quick dollars.

When you’re comfortable in your life and when you’re happy, when you’re doing well all of these things to start to work together and then you’re more relaxed to go ahead and just focus on the charts. Now when you focus on the charts you’ll be making more successful trades and then you’ll be making more money when you make more money you’ll have more relaxation.

In that way you also trade better so it’s a whole loop cycle that continues all over and over again but it’s the mental game that most people lose in this business. It’s the mental game that people struggle where and that’s what you really need to work on if you haven’t worked on it already with yourself.

Go out try and be uncomfortable from time to time do things that maybe you are uncomfortable about whether that’s talking to someone you don’t like then try and make them a friend be nice to them. Whether that’s doing things that you normally don’t do. Go out try it to see how it is that your mindset and your mentality reacts to situations.

Thanks for joining me and I hope this video was insightful. If you did want to take a look at the trading with technical analysis course just go to this website address right here at the top or login in your members panel and you should see that course available there and you can go ahead and just read through the material right here and  see exactly what each DVD has.

Now to be fully transparent I would say that the material in terms of content is probably about 40 to 50 percent similar to the Green Course. So if you do have the Green Course then the material is somewhat similar but we do go way more in-depth in discourse than we did in the Green Course and we tackled things in greater detail and there’s a lot more examples.

I would say if I had to give an analogy for it, the green courses more for people that are looking to dip their toe in the water and look into just kind of get started with trading, they’re more new or don’t have the right foundation in terms of my standards of having a good foundation.

This course is pretty much if you’re fully serious, if you maybe just have the yellow course understanding the stock market but you’re really dedicated you would know you want this you know you want to learn then this course is really for the highly motivated educators or learners because it is a lot of material and a lot of content.

There’s a lot of study material that’s involved. It’s not just one or two hours it’s basically 16 to 17 hours so even if you just sat sand watch it straight through, it would still take you at least probably two days of just watching the material.

In either case I just wanted to let you know if you had any other courses that this one is somewhat similar to the green course it just goes way more in-depth in terms of technical analysis we get deeper into a lot of the subjects and there’s a lot of examples for pretty much everything that we cover on the charts so that’s really what makes it a lot longer a lot bigger and a lot more intense.

With that in mind thanks for joining me, I hope you enjoyed the recap this week. Make it a great week ahead of you and just spend some time with your family.

Enjoy doing the things that you’re doing because life is short.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next time!

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