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Ep 153: Analyzing My Favorite Stocks | Market Review

Hey, this is Sasha. I want to talk about some stocks with you. We’ll get into some common stocks and see how they’re doing.

I’ll show you some technical analysis on them, and you’ll be able to evaluate them for yourself whether you think they’re a good investment or they’re not.


Before we get into this keep in mind the disclaimer. None of these are recommendations to buy, sell, hold, trade any of the stocks that I mentioned here.

It’s because I don’t know when you’re watching this video. I don’t know your risk levels, and tolerance, your experience, and many other factors.

Always consult with your financial adviser first.

Quick Key Points

If you’re new to the videos be sure to take a look at the tradersfly website. We’re on that website. You can see a lot of great starting points.

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With that being said let’s dig into the stocks that we have and go over the charts.

Going Through Stocks

I’ll go alphabetical order on some of the stocks. This list’s not necessarily my favorites, but it’s some of the ones that I keep track of.

Apple Stock

Take a look at Apple. We can see we had some trouble here at the 160 level. There’s some resistance overhead at the 160. Even though we broke out above it a little bit, there was some trouble there. And I mentioned this in the critical charts memberships for our members.

I mentioned that this could be trouble if it can’t hold above that 160 level. And it wasn’t able to, and then I also said if it can’t keep the 155 should be trouble. You can see we have a lot of bearish volumes right there coming in.

It’s not looking good for the stock. Will it come back? More than likely, it should. It’s just a question of will we get to 150 or somewhere there to hold the support. Or will we get to the 142 level?

That’s an area that you’re watching. But 150 could be the next level that it’s hitting. And right now, we’re selling off about two point one nine points on Apple. In either case, it’s acting weak.

Adobe Stock

Take a look at Adobe. It’s solid and extended to that upside. Especially if you look at the monthly chart. One thing I’m watching is this volume decreasing. If you look at the weekly, this could be a problem right here this trendline is breaking.

You can see if that’s breaking on bearish volume. That is not good for the stock. Further selling could create some significant moves to the downside. It’s still way above the moving average. You could see right there it’s breaking a below that moving average on the daily. But the weekly how far high is it from that moving average it’s extended.

With that being said a break here and a follow-through and continuing, the next day or two could send this one a little bit lower. Profit-taking stock is extended.

Autodesk Stock

Autodesk’s struggling to get above that 115 level. I did get above it a couple of times, but it’s still struggling to get slightly above it. You want to keep your eyes peeled for that level for that breakthrough.

Here is our support level on that moving average. It still holding above it but acting a bit weak. Be very careful there.

TD Ameritrade Stock

You can see we have almost come into a triple top right there. If it breaks through, could see further higher prices volumes coming in looks good for now. But it needs to break that for higher prices.

Amazon Stock

Amazon’s been acting weak below that $1000 level, and you can see right there we got a little pullback.

It’s not anything major, not any flush or anything like that. Like a major sell-off. That 950 is your primary line in the sand for support. That’s what you’re watching right there.

You can see if it’s coming in lightly here more than likely you’ll get a bounce. Keep your eyes on that. If we break it and we break lower, you could probably get into somewhere that in that 900 range.

American Express Stock

Let’s take a look at American Express. This one also had a little bit of a consolidation area. And then broke out a little bit and now we’re up in this range.

This one looks reasonably good from that standpoint. You can see if we take that line all the way across we’re getting into some excellent price levels. You have some higher price overhead resistance at that 94-95 range. Be careful around that level as you get into that. The reason is that more profit-taking should take place around that level.

Autozone Stock

We’ve talked about this one multiple times. That 500 level seems to be where the stock wants to hold, but the bounces are on lighter volume.

You’re getting some of this sell offs on a more substantial volume. If you’re looking for extended opportunities or long trades on these, it would be for a smaller time frame and very quicker trading.

It’s not for a longer term investing at this point. Maybe it is if you’re averaging into it over the next year or something to that effect.

Alibaba Stock

Alibaba continues to get stretched over here. The stock is powerful. I will be taking my profits if you haven’t already. The stock continues to do well.

Bank of America Stock

Bank of America also is starting to break this 25 level. It’s getting into that level. If it breaks out again and you do it on the volume, you could see further higher prices. It is a little bit extended I think for the year for where it was, but we’ll see.

They’re all talking about tax reform which I doubt will get done anywhere in the next year or so. I may take a couple of years to get that through. We can’t deny the price action is breaking above that 25 levels. You still have resistance at 25.85, so be careful about that.

Baidu Incorporated Stock

Baidu had this triangle pattern. Here are our support levels; we had resistance right here. The stock broke out at that 200 range, continues to move well. You’re going to have some issues and problems in this level as you get into the 250 range. Be careful about that. Take profits in the strength so what I chase it here? No.

Because we’re already getting into that $250 range, could it go much higher? Absolutely, but a risk to reward for me it’s not worth it.

Buffalo Wild Wings Stock

I’ve talked about this one for our members multiple times. We have some swing points here. You can see hitting some swing points. We broke this 150. We got under it, the stock continued to move lower, and then we broke this supporting trendline and continued was an excellent shorting opportunity.

And now we’re starting to find a base at around the $100 level. I think this may come up retest and could roll over again. We will see. If it does and it breaks the hundred you could see it.

We’ll see if it can hold the $100 level. That’s something to watch and keep an eye on.

Caterpillar Stock

It continues to break out, pass this on this monthly all-time highs. Huge run-up over the last year or so and continues to make high. I wouldn’t chase. It’s fantastic though, well done.

CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill) Stock

The stock continues to act weak. Right now, we’re starting to get into a digestion period. This all right here is digesting. The 300 seems to be some decent support.

Will they get out of it? Maybe. You’re starting to get a bullish volume coming in, but it’s weak.

We can get back above that moving average and start moving up. That would be ok. It created an excellent base, and that’s possible. My projection was a little bit lower. I would have thought it would be better valued somewhere around the 200 and level 240 or something around that range.

That would put it right back into that swing point. But still, 300 is still pretty good pool sighs pullback. If it digests here and we break out to the upside here even a pretty decent value relative to where it was.

Facebook Stock

We talked about this one. You’re watching the leaders. They’re moving sideways, and they’re struggling to break out of specific ranges. This is what fuels the market lower. And as I’m looking at it here the markets down 6.75 on the SMP on my other computer. That one has a live ticker. This is a 15-minute delay.

When you see these stocks like the Facebook’s, the Amazons and they’re not pushing higher, that’s troublesome for the market.

That’s because these are the ones that lead the market. Even though they talk about this rotation, these are still the major players. The popular ones. They’re the ones that have a lot of volumes and a lot of money behind it.

That means when these are not leading like 173 is that resistance level, they’re just isolating. It’s not good. This one is moving sideways right here. And if it can break out of that range out of that 175 area, you could see further higher prices.

But, if not, your key supports that 165 166 range. Then you’re looking for that price level. The same thing with Apple is selling off. When you’re seeing these Apple, Amazon, Facebook they’re not doing well it’s an issue.

FedEx Stock

When you’re looking at it that 220 is a trouble area. I’d want to see it break the 220 before I got into it. Because even though we did a little bit, we broke it right there for the day, but it didn’t hold.

Then we pulled back, and if it doesn’t hold well, you have action. But you didn’t have a price. The price didn’t hold above your level. It doesn’t fit the criteria of being right.

Google stock

Google still moving sideways. I mean that’s all it’s doing. Here’s our support level at 900. Still holding above this range and now we have a resistance 940. But this one’s that not acting anything powerfully as well which is another big player.

Gopro stock

The stock is toast. I’ve talked about it before. We’ve had some volume that came in a little bit but I mean it’s toast.

If it can’t get over $17-$18 and it probably won’t, it’s toast. It’s like Twitter. This one’s toast too.

When they flatline, they’re dead. That’s it. They could be here for five years, ten years who knows. Maybe something will change, but a lot of times they’re done.

Lowe’s Companies Stock

Lowe’s came in, almost broke the highs, got into the tops $83 $84, pooling back. We’re creating this upward trend line right there that you could see.

It’s holding that base, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes and tests that trendline and moves in that direction. You could also say an upward trend line gives you an idea of how that stock is moving.

Mastercard Incorporated stock

Mastercards have been continuing to tear things up especially when you look at that monthly stretch. I remember when this stock used to be $700 a share. Then they did the split. So back in the day, the stock was huge.

Again getting into some high prices, I would be taking my money and profits.

McDonalds Corp stock

McDonald’s is still up there, nice and high. It could hold there for a while. But I’d rather see pool backs. I’d rather see stocks coming back a bit.

Microsoft stock

These stocks continue to move higher. When you don’t have pool backs, you need to be a little more cautious.

You can see this trend line that’s moving along with Microsoft. We got into some toppy areas at 75, and it’s pulling back a little bit. But still is holding that trendline overall. The overall trend is still intact.

Netflix stock

Netflix shot up today huge. We may see trouble at the 190-192 level. We’ll see if we got a pullback tomorrow or the next day. But if it breaks tomorrow or the next day, then you’ll see it run further.

This has been a huge play from that 166-165 level. And if you got in it at that 149-150 level well done to you. Stocks are doing fantastic.

Nike stock

Nike continues to isolate here around the $50 range – not much is happening and holding at the round that 50 as you can see this moving average just holding sideways. I’m waiting to see whether it can get above that $60 range or breaks below that $50. Those are the critical areas because right now it’s pretty much in this range.

Even though you can see a little bit of a break right there mostly it’s still in that sideways range.

Priceline Stock

Priceline is holding the $1,800 support but flatlining a little bit still.

Procter & Gamble stock

Procter & Gamble got into that nosebleed area. Looking at this and this and a pullback would be an order right here probably come into this maybe consolidate a little more.

And then either up or a break below the 90. If a lot of stocks start to sell-off, you could see this one break as well. But you could see the large down bar today 2% almost down on Procter & Gamble.

Starbucks stock

Starbucks is moving sideways for the last two years. Not much has changed. It’s flatlined right there. Those are the ranges you’re looking for. Can you play these bounces and these ranges? Yeah, you could. Buy it on the bounce and sell it and then short it up here or take your profits.

You could play that range, but it’s only happened a couple of times. Might be other pics out there that are worth it.

STX stocks

STX or Seagate is a maker of hard drives. You can see here upward and then here we have a little bit of a downward pattern or channel that’s happening.

One thing to watch is a bearish volume, and bullish volume also dying out a little bit. We could come back to retest some of these at this $20-$30 range because you have this $30 level right there that could also be supported.

You can take that out, and that’ll be your 30. Because you’ll see right there, that’s the resistance which is support and here as well. Even though it broke a little below that it’s still a fundamental change in direction. That’s called a swing point.

Western digital stocks

If we take a look here, 90 seems to be the trouble spot right there. And the stock is just consolidating in that range.

If you take it out to the weekly, you could see there’s that consolidation for you. At that eighty is the crucial support level. If it starts to roll right here, and then you see it going over, and you can see the bearish volume a little bit increasing you could see that becoming an excellent shorting opportunity.

We’ll see. The bounce has been very nice, but you can start seeing a distribution area and bearish volume beginning to pick up. Those are subtle hints with a market being toppy and the 80 if it can’t hold you could get back into these some of these price levels below.

Wynn Resorts stock

Wynn continues to do well at the 140. It holds up reasonably well. I remember I was talking about this with our members right here at in 2015, 2016 with a nice breakout point stock. Then consolidated again, excellent breakout point, consolidated create stair-step patterns, and then we’ll see here if it unites again.

Time will tell. You can see this one makes stair-step patterns. It steps and goes lower stair steps moves lower and the same thing to the upside. It’s what’s happening.

SPY stock

If you look at the overall SPY of the things I’m watching is we’re under this 250 level.

We tried to get above it a couple of times. There’s some action that’s bearish that concerns me with the Fed. Just recently releasing some things, this is the upward supporting trendline. If that breaks here, you got distribution. We’re already a little bit high, and that could be troublesome for the market.

IWM stock

IWM is the one thing that looks okay, but you’re coming in toppy levels.

It’s like the PNG thing right coming in right there at the top you levels. And then you get that you might break out and it pushes it.

And then you get that flush one day takes out a week or two — the same thing here with other markets.

QQQ stock

We’re already little toppy right there these are more of the tech-heavy here on the queues. You could also draw a few trendlines with the queue.

Be careful if these things break and you got some bearish volume starting to pick up.

VIX stocks

That’s also relatively low right under 10. It has me concerned. I like a nice sweet spot of the Vix around 13, 12, 14. That’s a very nice sweet spot to trade options to day trade.

In markets like this, you can’t even day trade. With the low VIX, it’s tough to day-trade because you have no movement in the market. You need movement. People who vote and cheer for a lower VIX you’re rooting for things to be against you as a trader.

The reason is you want volatility as an active trader. If you’re investing and you’re putting your money, and low VIX is lovely. Because it stays there, the money sits there, and that’s it.


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