I get the question, “how long does it take to become a profitable trader?” all the time and the answer is: it depends on you!

It comes down how you define success. For someone people, an extra $100 in addition to their income is success. For others, success is having a $5k month in trading. It all depends on what YOU want for your future.

The thing is – we all want success and want it now. We’ve become a “magic pill” society. If you just take this one pill…

But the truth about success is that you need to set up the conditions that will lead you to be successful. The question you need to ask yourself is: who do I have to become or who do I have to transform into in order to be successful?

In order to be a profitable trader, you need to set yourself up for success! Educate yourself with seminars, books on trading, video lessons, blogs, etc. But if you don’t take the proper steps to transform yourself or the way you think about success, you will never achieve it.

The length of your success is dependent on YOU. Are you willing to transform? To learn? Grow? Sacrifice? If you want to be successful, it’s on YOU to make it happen!