Options Mastery – Iron Condors Course Released! – 19+ Hrs of Option Iron Condor Training

July 16th, 2018

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The options Iron Condor course has been released!

This course is a big course in the making. In fact, they made it once and then I had to rework it because there was a handful of other things I wanted to include in it there were different ways to make it even better. So this is the second version of the Iron Condor course.

If you're interested to learn more about this course - or to see some sample footage and sample clips-  you can head on over to https://rise2learn.com/.

This website is where we have all of our courses.

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If you don't know how to trade Iron Condors, or at least the basics behind Iron Condors, it's going to be difficult to trade options because they are the fundamentals to option trading or trading options in a non-directional way along with verticals and calendars. They also encompass that realm of trades that you really should know as an options trader.

This 19-hour course is going to be on sale for about 13 more days. I'm not going to keep scrolling down to reveal the price because this video will be up on YouTube for quite a while. But if you're on the newsletter list or you're with us on our social media platforms, then you can go ahead and get this course on sale for now because we don't do sales and promotions. That often takes a lot of energy to reduce the prices then increase the prices again, and people are constantly always asking for discounts, so we instead make things fair-priced for the value of the material that you're going to get. And with 19 hours of training and 33 videos, it's an in-depth course.

It's not a you-know-45-minute-learn-everything on Iron Condor course, it goes into the heart of learning and understanding Iron Condors.

If you want to go and see how Iron Condors work, what to do, how to adjust, but also see trade examples, then this is what this course is about.

I'm going to show you a little bit on the inside

You can go to your courses page, then hit purchased courses.

You'll then be able to see and find the Iron Condors course. Hit that Watch Now button.

You'll see all these videos in here, and we also have the study guide modules that you can download. You can look at these videos are 44-minutes long, some are 27-minutes long, and you have 54-minutes long on some videos.

We typically start out these courses or these modules with a little introduction. Then we go on paper, like a lesson think of it as an educational lesson. We talked about those kinds of things, educational concepts, and then we go on screen. So you have a combination of a paper lesson and then on-screen. This is what we do throughout many of these first few modules.

We talked about:

  • the right time to get into Iron Condors, the short-term versus long-term duration.
  • How long to hold your Iron Condors
  • Iron Condors risk management
  • The price risk and the time risk and many other factors there

Here we have an hour-long segment. We get into actually looking at real trade example.

So here we'll do Amazon - broken up in about half-hour segments. We do in module 15 and Amazon part 2 on module 16.

The way that this work is when we put the trade on; we show you how we put the trade on, why we put the trade on, why we choose to strike prices that we do, how the market is acting and behaving, and then we start you out with x days to expiration.

Right now, you see the video. It's 42 days to expiration. But as time ticks forward, you'll get a review. Could be 5/7-minute review, 39 days till expiration then it could be 36 days to expiration.

The timer keeps ticking down, and I share with you exactly what's happening day by day. You can see house-price behaving; what's happening in the trade, and what are we doing if we get in trouble. Some of these trades they do get in trouble. That's what I wanted because of course I could have cut those out and put on more trades and shown you only the good ones.

But you really learn from trades when you get in trouble. From those losses or from what to do when things go against you - that's what we do here in these trade examples.

We go on Facebook here is part one, and then we do part two. We make the trade on Apple. Some of these are unbalanced or skewed Iron Condors, so they're a little warped.

We do one on Tesla; we do McDonald's iron Condor. We buy an Iron Condor MacDonnell's to show you how that works out. Caterpillar, then SPX, the Russell, and then also Netflix.

One or two of these we even take all the way to expiration. You get an insight into that - of why you make it to expiration and why the other ones we closed out early and how we pair our profits.

Then we also include a handful of bonus educational material for you:

  • An overview for the thinkorswim panel,
  • Their risk profile pictures for options,
  • How to work that risk profile area, and
  • Option Greeks

Watch the overview of the Iron Condors course


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