Behind the Scenes: Options Mastery – Iron Condors Course

June 29th, 2018

I want to share with you the behind-the-scenes footage or insight to our options mastery iron Condor course.

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This course is very detailed. It's a little bit more for intermediate traders or people who know a little more than the basics of just getting started with options.

If you're just getting started with options, I will take a look at one of our other courses. Either the first one, the basics one, the foundation one, or the mastering vertical spreads course. That'll give you kind of an excellent solid foundation.

Options are complicated if you don't go through courses and training materials. They're much more difficult to learn from books because there are so many elements that go into learning options. So that's why we have very detailed courses in this subject matter.

With that in mind, I want to take a look behind the scenes of what this course is going to have along with the duration of some of these modules. That way you can get an inside look as we go and do our survey here next week. Then you can get an inside look of what are you willing to pay for or what you think it's worth or what your suggested value for the course.

It'll be something that you can vote on and influence the price a little bit as we'll get some feedback from everyone. Then we'll go ahead and determine a fair price.

Let's go behind the scenes

I want to share with you all these modules. I got these back from our video editor who finished and completed these things, and now they're uploaded to the server. There is quite a bit of module here as you can see.

We got module 1 through all the way 33. The duration, as you can see, some are very short 8 minutes, some we have 20 minutes, and some are an hour long.

The basics of module 1 through about 14 is just going to be laying down the framework and foundation for the Iron Condors. Then, as we go into 15 to 32, that would be about trades. What we do here is reverse the trades from, let's say fifty days, we start to trade out then we'll go 49, 48, 47. We do kind of like a five-minute recap every day that we're in that trade. Some trades are shorter, so we don't do the recap for all the way to day zero. We'll do the recap maybe for 10 or 15 days.

That's really what the course is all about. To give you good trade examples, I believe there are nine trade examples with two of them going all the way to expiration and a handful of them of closing them out early for some profits.

Overall, the course about nineteen hours at 88 GB which includes trade examples.

We do have about 12/13 hours of initial training, for those we go partly on-screen and partly on paper.

I'll show you here what it looks like.

As we open it up, there's the disclaimer and as we go into trading Iron Condors

There's going to be an intro section and we'll do on paper and then we'll also go to the trade screen.

There will be some examples so that way you can see the theory or the technical process behind it on paper, but then we also go on-screen on a platform. We do both of those things so that way you can see what it looks like on-screen.

We do that for a handful of modules here at the beginning. Some of these will talk about the neutrality of Iron Condors as well. We'll break it down here in different quadrants.

We'll talk about volatility with trading Iron Condors; what happens when volatility goes up? When volatility goes down?

We'll talk about Greeks; the neutrality of Greeks.

All these things we get into really detailed things. It's not just a five- or ten-minute YouTube video that we cover the basics.

I also present a zoomed in version - it right above here - as we go through the course. So, if you have trouble seeing things, then that should also help you out as well.

All these modules - modules 1 through 14 - are just detailed modules on training and getting your education and foundation down when it comes to the basics of Iron Condors.

The basics of Iron Condors

  • What's the right time to get into an Iron Condor?
  • The day of the week?
  • How many days to go and why?
  • What are you looking for when it comes to volatility?

Then I'll pinpoint some of those things out on-screen, as far as probabilities go. We're continually going through this process of really breaking these trades down step by step.

Eventually, as we finish up some of these educational sections, we're going to get into putting on some real trades there on the simulated platform.

This is what we do in this course; we cover a lot of ground from the foundation to learning and understanding Iron Condors - which is what we do here in these beginning modules.

In the beginning modules, we're talking about:

  • The right time to get in,
  • How to allocate your capital,
  • What's the theory behind you know putting on your trades 40 days 30 days
  • What are you looking to do and
  • Then eventually we get into simulated trades

Author: Sasha Evdakov

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