Cell Phone for Trading – Google Nexus 5x / Project FI Review

November 29th, 2016

Today I want to share with you the cellphone provider and the cell phone that I use for trading or when I'm on the go.

I'll share with you some insights, and maybe it'll give you some things to think about as you're looking to buy a cell phone. It can help you if you're looking to get into trading and you're looking for the appropriate cell phone.

You'll see:

  • what I use
  • why I use it
  • my thoughts and insights

There's no affiliate commission that I'm getting for talking about this cell phone. I want to share with you how I manage to trade with this cell phone.

Google Nexus 5X

This is the Google phone, and it's the Android model. I don't like Apple devices, especially when it comes to stock trading. I stay away from them completely.

They're some of the worst, in my opinion for trading and stock applications. That is because of all the rules the regulations that they have for their app store. A lot of things come out a lot later in the financial world in the financial market.

The reason I like Nexus 5X is that this phone is excellent when it comes to international use and international coverage.

When you go onto the project Fi website, you can see pretty cool stuff. One of the things that I enjoy about this phone is the fact that it towers hops. You're basically on a Sprint and t-mobile network, and it jumps from one to the other and Wi-Fi.

It'll automatically connect to you on Wi-Fi. Then once you're on Wi-Fi, it'll jump to either a Sprint or a T-mobile network - whichever one's faster.

The thing is that it's not anyone specific provider. They're all very close these days. When you have two networks rather than just one Verizon or one AT&T; then it only works a lot better in my opinion at that level. That is the case, especially when you look at international coverage.

As you look at this, they intelligently shift between multiple networks. It's not just one provide anymore. What they do is they run out the towers. Hopping from one network to the other gives you pretty good coverage.

That's one of the reasons that I use it. The plan is simple. It covers you pretty much everywhere. If you look at it when you travel your phone will automatically link up to one of the international partners and international data.

It's the same cost as it's in the US and this is the huge thing for me. When I look at international details when we are on a trip when we're going to different countries I've used this thing on Canada day in and day out. And my bill was cheap.

And I'll tell you it was way cheaper than any of the other providers. I used to have AT&T in the past.

Things You Get

You can hop to 135 countries and still use the phone. It's not going to be perfect. You get 3G data rather than 4G in international countries. But it still works as long as you're not watching videos and things like that.

However, it's excellent if you trade or execute trades or connect through things. Or if you need to use the Internet and you're stuck at a hotel. If you need to watch, manage, or fix a trade, it's a lifesaver.

Some of the other services ask you to pay $5 a minute, $3 a minute or per gigabyte. You'll agree that it is a fortune.

That's one of the main reasons that I like this phone. That is because of the international benefits. And if you're on Wi-Fi most of the time they give you your credit back.

For unused data, you get credit back. Not that that's a big deal, but it's nice.

I'm not on my phone all the time. I'm using my actual trading panel and trading screen to make the trades. In those cases, I don't need my phone to be actively on a network. I'm always on Wi-Fi and the data that I use if I need to look up something on my phone inside the house you get that credit for the unused data.

That means if you only use half of the data (let's say one gig) and you only use half of it you get $5 back. It's $10 per gigabyte at this point.

That's the main thing.

You get:

  • unlimited domestic talk & text
  • unlimited international texting
  • use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • calls and texts across your devices
  • free data-only sim card

When you're international, and you don't have Internet you can turn this thing into like a Wi-Fi router. And then you can take your laptop, iPad or your computer and connect to this phone directly. That way, you can surf the Internet or use the Internet with the laptop and make those trades within your trading platform.

That's the lifesaver. That's why I use these plans for trading. In either case, when you look at the phone, it's not anything different or amazing. It's an Android platform.

I like Android way more than Apple because of the flexibility. As you can see, I also choose a cover that is easy to see, in this case, orange.

All the things that I'd choose or do are based on systematic purpose. There's a purpose behind it. Project fi system is their plan or their system into what you do for the billing and so on.

I'll hop over to the billing cycle because I'm on the smallest plan because I'm on Wi-Fi all the time. You see here my bill was $23.80, $11.86 and I got a credit back $13.40 and $33.15.

The pricing is very cheap, and some of these we were international (in Canada) and the service work perfect.

High-Quality Service

If you're looking to have a phone or if you're looking for a device for trading what I always look at is a couple of main things.

The thing is I'm looking for service and reliability. That's ultimately the first key when you're looking at a phone. I'm looking for making sure that it works. And especially if you're on a trip internationally and you're looking for to put on trade at that time. Or to adjust the position.

If you don't have reliability internationally and you're traveling then that for me is critical.

It's vital if you're planning to go on a trip somewhere and especially if you're tower hopping from one tower to the next to the Wi-Fi. That's also another significant thing.

You have a service in a lot of different areas: Verizon and AT&T. They do have a bigger coverage map, but when you start looking at hopping from Sprint to t-mobile now, your coverage extends.

This phone is allowed to use phone coverage - even through Wi-Fi. If you're looking to receive phone calls through Wi-Fi and you only have Wi-Fi (in a hotel, for example), you can still receive phone calls just through Wi-Fi.

That's the other thing. The way that it works is entirely different. If you're trading and you're looking for a dependable phone, this is more the type of phone that you want.

Traders Need Reliability & Stability

You're looking for what it can do for you. If you're looking for more of a fashioned phone, the Apple iPhones are for you. They're great. They make a fashion statement. They're out there, and they look good, work pretty good, and they're great at taking photos.

However, as far as reliability goes, especially if you're overseas, you can't do it. They don't tower hop. You can't take out the SIM card if you need to. There's a lot of issues with flexibility when it comes to trading and the financial market.

When it comes to investing, it's not so perfect. There's a lot of requirements that people have to go through to make the applications available. They're on Apple devices or iOS devices they come later. All the trading platforms - they come out later. And all the releases - come out a lot later.

If you're in the stock market, you're looking at the risks. The risks that are on hand. And the same thing if you're traveling abroad. You might want to pick up something like this battery backup power.

This is the tp-link battery power this is about 13,000 mA. It can charge the phone through the USB power for two or three times if you're running out of power.

Risks That You Want to Avoid

If you're traveling and you need to make or change a trade through the applications of your broker, then it is something you're watching for. You're watching for the risk side of it.

The little things like getting credit back for your billing for not using your data is fine. But when it comes to the risk side of it, you're looking at what if this happens. What if that happens.

And for me, this is the phone that gives me flexibility. As I said, I go 1 or 2 models that are older. The main reason is what happens if this phone starts catching on fire.

I don't want the newest model of anything. I'm looking for one or two-year-old models. That way I know they're stable and reliable. It might not be the best and the fastest, but it's stable.

It's vital to look at the risks.

  • What if something goes wrong?

With the Samsung phones, we've had the fire trouble recently. Imagine if I had one of those phones and I'm looking at a trade and this phone catches on fire.

The risks are against me. That's why with the new cameras that I have the phones that I have they're not typically the brand new model. It's one year old a year and a half old. And where it's a model that's right before the latest model.

You're always looking at what's your risks and what could happen. Especially when it comes to trading and when you have a lot of money on the table. That's what you need to be careful of and always keep in check.

It's not about having a fashionable phone. It's not about having the one that can take the best picture. For traders, it's about having reliability, stability, flexibility, and watching the risks.


It's vital for traders to have a reliable phone that works and internet connection. Keep that in check when you're looking for your phone and service provider. That's what you really should look for to make sure that your account balance is in check.

Otherwise, you could create some severe damage to your account. Especially if you're on vacation and you can't make or fix a trade.

Author: Sasha Evdakov

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