Ep 80: Wake Up: Manipulation, Negativity, & Scams in the Market

April 14th, 2016

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Hey this is Sasha Evdakov and welcome to another episode of let’s talk stocks.

In this episode what I’d like to do is share with you some inner road blocks that happen with you mentally and getting you to wake up. That is the end goal, I want you to wake up, and by waking up I’m not talking about waking up like getting out of bed and just kind of seeing things a little bit differently.

See the world from another perspective

I’m actually saying, wake up and see yourself from another perspective. Start seeing the world in a whole different way, and once you do this, it’s going to completely change your dynamic of your trading.

But I will give you a little forewarning, if you do wake up and if you do start seeing things completely different, then you will never see the world in the same way again.

And that can be a little bit disturbing for some people, because as they say, ignorance is bliss. When you’re not aware of things, when you don’t see things, you see things as they are sugar coded. You see thing as you want to see them.

It’s kind of like the matrix, the movie, if you’ve seen the matrix, when neo gets a little red pill or a blue pill, in either case, you get to either stay in the fake world, where it’s a dream world, it’s not real. Or you can take this magic pill right here and you wake up, and you see things completely different.

That’s what I want to share with you today about trading, about investing, but also the bigger picture, and by the bigger picture I’m also talking about your real world experiences, your real life, what’s going on in a day to day basis. If you’re able to do this in your real life, then you’ll be able to do this in the stock market as well.

That’s one of the issues that I’ve also seen in the markets for traders, they still have that ignorance behind trading stocks, they don’t see things as they should, because they see things as they wish that they could be. They see things as the fake world that’s been brought upon in front of their eyes and that’s the way that they take it.

To illustrate this example and kind of go in detail about the lessons, and that way you really understand things, how they work, I’m going to share some experiences from history, and then I’m also going to share some experiences about myself and some of the comments that I actually get, especially some of the hate comments, which are always fun and interesting to dissect and look at and discuss. Because then you get to really see multiple sides of the coin and see the bigger picture, because you’ll be able to see what’ being said, what is their mentality, what is actually the real thing as well.

It can happen to anyone

You get to see multiple sides, because you’ll see how the curtain is actually brought upon many people in this world. And it happens to everybody, especially the younger people who are not really aware of what’s going on and what’s happening.

But if you are a little bit older, I’ve also seen it happen in people in their 30, 40, 50, 60, and some people live their whole life with that curtain in front of their face and they never wake up. That’s one of the reasons why many traders fail.

This is a little bit of a deeper thinking subject, it’s usually a subject that gear through people that are actually seeing the world a little bit different, but if you are close to seeing things a little bit differently, if you are close to waking up an seeing things in a bigger light, then you might actually cross that barrier and go to the other side and see things a little bit differently.

The olden days

To illustrate this example, let’s start with a little bit of history, back in the time or back in the old days. So the olden days, back when Copernicus and Galileo and a lot of the scientists and philosophers were discussing things and discussing theory, we also had the church.

The church mentality and thinking really was that if here’s our earth, that everything revolved around the earth. And that includes the sun, that includes the moon, that includes we were at the center of the universe, so we are kind of gold.

And this was the church philosophy, this was the church idea, that we are in the center and everything revolves around us, and that’s the way that people thought about it, and this was how the church preached. I don’t’ know exactly the time frame, but right around the 1600, in Galileo and Copernicus time.


This is how the theory, the mindset was created for a lot of people, that’s what they thought, that’s what the church preached. And then here comes Galileo and Copernicus, talking about these different theories, different concepts, also how the world was not round, in fact the world was flat.

Now we actually know how all these things are not true, but during this time frame, there was this curtain that was brought upon people, brought up this history that these things were true, that the sun revolved around the earth, the moon revolved around the earth and all these different planets revolved around us. We were at the center. After all, doesn’t that feel good when you’re at the center of something? The same thing with ´´the world is flat´´.


One of the easy ways to discover it is that when you look at the moon, the shadow that was cast, if you look at the shape, was actually more round, so obviously that gave it away. Of course we didn’t have the things we have today to be able to proof these kinds of things, but now we all know that the earth is round and we revolve around the sun, we are not at the center of the universe. But these scientists, Galileo, Copernicus and some of the other philosophers, got executed or banned from society and church. They couldn´t come back because their theories were so off. But they saw the world differently. They saw it for what it is and what it truly was, rather than following the crowd, rather than following the behavior of what was told to them.

The modern days

In our modern day society there’s a lot more information that happens and that goes one, so you also probably are getting a lot of knowledge, a lot of insight, whether that’s from me, whether that’s from other videos or articles. You’re getting a lot of information from all sorts or sources. When we start to look at all these different sources, some of them start to become a little bit confusing, because you don’t really know what to believe, what not to believe, what’s true, what’s real , what is it that you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing, especially when it comes to your trading, when you’re just new and getting started.


That’s one of the things that happen when you’re growing up as a kid, your parents help you walk, they help you do this and that. But as you get older and as you age, to get to that next stage and that next level, mentally and psychologically becomes a little bit tougher, because there’s not that many people that can hold your hand to help you physically walk that line of the psychology, you have to mentally do it yourself, you have to take those steps yourself.

Whereas with walking, somebody can help you physically and guide you, but with the psychologically, what you could do is what I’m doing right now, to show you kind of a path, but you ultimately have to make that decision for yourself.


Never believe more than 50%

What I always like to say, especially to the people that I coach, the people that I teach. Never believe anyone more than 50%. That includes me as well. Never believe anything, anyone tells you, more than 50%. The reason for this is because if you believe more than 50% or let’s say 100%, it doesn’t allow you to be mentally open towards other things. If I have a mindset, and I’m only believing 50%, then at least this other part allows me to bring in new ideas, new concepts, it allows me to start thinking about things differently.

What if I could use part of what I believe and what I learned as well and combine them together and this actually creates something brand new that works for me. That’s how you should look at it when it comes to trading as well.


Maybe I share with you a theory, this is one concept right here, so let’s say this is Sasha here and then you go to someone else and you discover something over here, or maybe you discover something completely different, like in an art class or a money management class. You learn a concept or a way to manage your money, or in art a creative way of doing something and it makes you a little more creative in the stock market. You combine these two concepts and you get your own strategy, by combining these two, you can get your own strategy, a winning strategy, a strategy that works for you. Because I’m not you, that other person is not you, but you need to make it work for you, for trading, for investing, for building a business, for your health, for your life, whatever it is, combine it to make it your own. And most people don’t get that.


The Google effect

Most people when they go in the world, especially today with all the social media, all the hype that we have, what happens is that we have a thing called a Google effect.

If you haven’t heard what the Google effect is, basically when you search something on Google, what happens is you get a result, and when you read this result, you get this website, and you get information that’s exactly what you were searching for, which is really phenomenal and amazing, because when you get to Google, you search for something and you get a result, and it fictitiously, in a way stirs you towards the result that you wanted. But unfortunately not all those results are correct or proper, they’re not exactly true.


Because your mind slowly starts searching for the answer that you actually want. And Facebook has done a really fantastic job at doing this, and real skewing the results exactly the way you want, which if I look at it on the internet space, back in the 1990s, 1980s, when the internet was first coming out, I think it would’ve been a fantastic place to just leave it like that, because when you do that, it allowed people to, let’s just say here’s the world wide web, it allowed people to discover brand new things, new websites, new ideas, new concepts.

Now what’s happening is when we go into Facebook or when we look at your newsfeed, these results, out of all these results that you get, let’s just say there’s a lot of different results, I’m going to say there’s five different results, but if you’ve liked or viewed some of these results.


Let’s just say result number one, number three and number four, you like those pictures, then you’ve also watch the video on here and here, now over time, what happens is the number two result is gone, number five is gone, and number one might be gone, so you only get the results of person three and four when you’re seeing it in your newsfeed.


You don’t really get to see everything that’s coming about in your newsfeed. You don’t’ really get to see all the things that are happening, because there’s too much information, and it really starts shaping exactly what it is that you want, but that might now be what you really want.

Instead what you really might want is to see things that are happening with people that you aren’t in touch with, but it’s starting to shape it to things that you’re actually interacting with. Cat videos, baby pictures. Those are typically the things that you share with, and those are the people that you’ll typically see the results with.

That’s the same thing that happens with this Google effect, where people search for something, they see the result and it confirms and reconfirms exactly what they were thinking, but they’re really not getting anything new or a new concept.

A new way of searching the web

For me one of the new ways that I’ve been doing a lot of searching on Google and that’s one of the ways that I found my assistant, was to do those same keyword searches, but typically, I’m looking for someone that’s maybe not as popular, maybe not as high level, I want someone independent but still focused.

I might go to result number 100 or the page number 500, and by changing those things around, you get to see a whole different world in a whole new way.

How does this apply to trading?

Talking about all this, you start to see, ok, between the charts, between the brain, between these Google results, how does this start to apply to trading? It’s about awareness, it’s about waking up and seeing the bigger picture.

Giving you some examples from my channel, maybe you’ve seen some of the comments, maybe you haven’t, there’s a lot of different chatter. For example, one of the things that was said was that when you look at my eyes, back in some of my earlier videos, they used to be focused just slightly to the right of the camera, or just a little offset to the camera.

And there was a comment out there that was made that was saying that “if you’re a practitioner of Neuro linguistic programing and you’re an expert in this, you can definitely tell that there is deception in his eye movement. You can definitely see that that is not a true genuine person”.

There’s multiple sides to the coin

And when I look at this, sometimes I don’t’ even bother to waste my finger strength to write back to these, because it’s just not worth it, because I know exactly what’s true and what isn’t, so remember, there’s always multiple sides to the coin.

When you start seeing things like this, maybe somebody’s made a comment, maybe somebody’s made some sort of connection, and now other people might start believing it.

Do I worry about it? No, not necessarily, it’s not a concern for me because I know the bigger picture, so I start wondering, do I delete this comment? Do I keep this comment? Most of the time I don’t waste my time, it’s not worth it. But I think is good for people to see the variety, it’s a social network, it’s good for people to interact.

But what’s the truth behind it, what’s the deeper picture? What curtain is brought upon that person’s eyes?

The truth

When you start going back and looking “the world is flat”, this is what they presume, is that my eyes were not focused directly to the camera, they were focused slightly to the right.

And the real story behind this is that my eyes, when you look at a camera, let’s pretend this is a camera, and that’s the lance. I was looking at the view finder, and what was I checking? Well, I’m looking at the audio quality, I’m looking to see if the levels are fine, I’m checking the battery, I’m looking at myself to make sure the lighting is correct, rather than reading from a script.


By the way I don’t really read from a script or anything like that, everything is live, I do some editing from time to time, but right here we’re looking at the view finder. So that’s the real issue, that’s really what’s going on, that’s the fact of what’s happening.

My wardrobe

Other times, other people that don’t see the bigger picture, I’ll give you another example. So for example, things like wardrobe, and people look at my shirts, and sometimes they’ll say “That is the exact same shirt that he wore last week, last year, or maybe over the last couple of years”.

And the fact is that I have multiple shirts, multiple wardrobes, and when you have a uniform, in fact, one of the comedians we saw a couple of weeks back, he says, “you know my grandpa constantly wore the same exact shirt all the time, and then later I realized that he had multiple shirts of the same exact color, and then I realized that wow, a uniform for life, genius”.

Because what happens is, when you start spending, let’s just say it takes you three minutes to pick out your wardrobe. Three minutes to pick the color, three minutes to figure out what kind of socks you’re going to wear, maybe the same thing with pants, a belt, if you take those three minutes and you multiply them over your lifetime, that’s going to add up to hours upon hours of time wasted.

When in fact I could just buy ten black shirts, ten blue shirts, then purple shirts, and just save time. It saves time, I’m ready right away to go and film.


But in reality, some of these people will think “he only has one shirt”. And if you look actually at mark Zuckerberg, when he came back from the paternity live, he also talked about what to wear. And what he’ll have is all these shirts line up, all with the same color. In fact they were hoodies, but you can go ahead and take a look at a picture on the social media, just look for “Zuckerberg”, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. He has tons of shirts, all the same hoodie, the same color, exactly identical, and that’s just to save that time.

Steve jobs did the same thing. It just makes your life easier and over time I’ve realized that as well, I don’t want to choose my wardrobe and choose what it is that I’m going to wear when I film and record. It’s about what makes sense.

For example, for this video what makes sense is actually a black shirt, because you’re able to see the different colors, you’re able to see the writing better and clear. I’m not concerned about the fashion.


Waking up in the stock market

As we get into more of the stock market world and hone in and focus our concentration on waking up about the stock market, because that’s probably what you’re interested in. You’re looking to have a financial gain or increase your portfolio, so that way you can benefit your life in the future. So you’re looking to grow in the stock market world, but it all comes down to steaming about that awareness of how stocks move, how stocks behave.

Once you understand the fact that they’re not always going to go and move continue up to the upside, they’re going to pull back, they’re going to retract. You can’t buy into that stock and think that just because they make this awesome widget, it’s going to continue powering higher, and most people are not aware of that. They buy those things based on the hype.

Nasty things in the industry

In this industry, there’s some really nasty things that happen. And not a lot of people talk about them, and I’ve kind of dabbled about it, here and there on the other let’s talk stocks or the rapid recap sessions that we’ve had, but there are some nasty things that go on, not just in the markets themselves, but in the industry.

And that happens all the time in all kinds of industries. It happens in the health industry, where patients get forced to take drugs, so that way they’re easier to manage and manipulate for doctors For example they become more sedated.

It happens in all kinds of industries. It happens in the police industry, for example, corrupt cops, so it’s going to happen everywhere, it’s not just the stock market industry. It is just that you’ve probably seen those things in the news a little bit more frequently and you can probably relate to them a little bit easier because it’s more active, it’s more neutral, I guess you can say it’s more real world or real life.

In the stock market it’s a little bit hidden or deeper underneath, the fact that’s very beneath the surface, and I’ll show you what I mean here shortly. But basically, what goes on is that because these things are under your subconscious level, you can’t really see them because you’re not as familiar with them yet.

Whereas police corruption, you’ve probably seen it. You’ve probably seen women being assaulted. You’ve probably seen or heard stories about different corruptions in different industries. From lawyers, to musicians, this guy sleeping with that woman and cheating on them. So you’ve probably seen that celebrity gossip and things like that that happen in the world.

And the stock market is no different. It’s just that those things are different in context. They’re different in what is the content that’s happening, that’s the nasty part.

Review websites

To give you an example, there’s a handful of review websites out there that go into detail, that even say or mention that I don’t even personally trade. That’s exactly what they say, and then what happens is that people, they will comment on it, and they will write on my channel or on my newsfeed on YouTube saying, “Hey this guy doesn’t even trade, don’t believe anything that he says, he’s manipulative, he’s a snake salesman, and that’s all he’s trying to do”.


There are a lot of reviews out there that are looking, asking for track records. They’re looking for “What is your income potential? What have you done? Are you actually a trader?” And what happens is, actually some of these review websites, and they’ve done it in the pass, and they’ll probably continue doing it, what they’ll do is go ahead and write some items about me or even other business people, other traders, whatever it is, and it happens in the business world as well. And what they’re looking to do is bash your website, bash your credibility, in hopes of you paying them money to get those reviews taken down.

The other thing they’re trying to do is pump and promote their partners. So the partners that they’re closely affiliated with and get a commission or a check from, they’re looking to promote these partners, so that way they can make more money. So that’s their end goal, they have a couple different goals.

And then finally, another thing is name credibility. So for us, for example in this channel we have kind of a name, an established name and the name that I use, and now with this name, what happens is when people search for the name plus “review” or a product name, whatever it is, you can definitely find hate related things.


For example, “hate Wal-Mart”, “PayPal sucks”, “home depot sucks”, all those different things with .com at the end of it, there are so many dashing websites.

And that’s what they do, they go ahead and try to extort money, “Hey if you pay me so much money, we’ll go ahead and take down the reviews”. “If you pay me so much money, we can promote your product, or we can just get your name credibility when people search for reviews of your website”.

When In fact the reality is they just make stuff up, or they don’t even talk or communicate with you or potentially they’re just looking to win their own game in their own way and getting all the people that are the haters to go into that area and into the community. And that’s really what happens.

Sharing income reports

I’ve talked about it for quite a while, about sharing these income reports. And I know there’s a few different websites that do it in the business world. Sharing exactly, “ok, I made this much this week, and I made that much that week”.

And by sharing these income reports, what tends to happen, and one thing that always sways me away from it, is that when I look at it, and when I see it, there’s going to be different people at different levels.

If I say I traded three thousand shares of Google this week, for some people for a stock that’s $700, they are going to say, “that’s not something that I’m able to do, so how is it that I can become profitable in trading? I can’t afford that, I don’t have the money”, and your credibility, in the sense of your emotional sense, your mental state gets crushed.

You just can’t trade that large, and now you feel down, you feel weak, you feel discouraged, you just feel bad about yourself that now you can’t trade 3000 shares of Google, if I told you “hey this week I just traded 3000 shares of Google”.


For many people now if I told them “I made X amount of dollars”, and it’s a little too high, they may say “I can never make it”.

In the other hand, if I mention a number or a figure, they say “he’s not making enough money”. When in fact we know that more than 90% of the world live on less than $10 per day. So think about that for a minute. So for you, if you’re trading, and you’re making an extra $500 a month, that’s extra grocery money, that’s food money, and you’re way above the rest of the world that’s living on just $10 per day.


If you look at all those countries, between India, china, all the countries that are struggling in those different environments just to make an extra $500 a month, I would say that’s a win for you.

When you start looking at this, you have to start seeing the big picture, you have to start being aware of what’s happening in the industry.

Stock manipulation

What else happens in these industries? Stock manipulation, of course. And I shared the Cramer video before, I think it was in the 1999-2005, right around that time frame, there’s a Cramer manipulation video that’s on YouTube, you can search for it, I don’t think it’s as popular, because it’s back when he talks about stocks and the way that they manipulate the price action, and it’s illegal, they really shouldn’t be doing it, but they do it anyway.

People like hedge fund managers, they’ll go ahead and they’ll do it. They’ll manipulate a stock. So let’s say a stock is moving, and if we have a stock and it starts moving to the upside a little bit, what they’ll do, if they’re ready to pull the trigger and sell, they’ll see if there’s some buyers in this area or in this region, and they’ll spike it, so that’s what happens.

Pretend this is a support line, what they’ll do is, if a stock is going to the upside and they’re ready to sell it, and the stock starts coming back down, they’ll spike it, even though the stock is heading lower, they’ll spike it to the upside right here, to see if there’s any buyers.


Then it’ll come back down, because they’re dumping their shares, and then what happens? More sellers start coming in, and more people start to sell. And what do they do? They put in about 5 million dollars, they’ll spike it again, and then they’ll see if you’re the one that’s going to be the buyer, you’re going to be the sucker. “If you’re going to be the sucker, then go ahead, please take my shares”

That’s what these big companies are doing, these hedge funds, that’s what they’ll do, and then they’ll dump the rest of their shares. And it happens the same for the upside and for the downside, it happens in both directions. So just remember, they’re spiking it to move the stock around.

It’s harder to do that when stocks are large. When they’re trading let’s say 500 thousand shares, maybe plus, or a million shares plus per day, it’s a little harder to do that.

But if a stock is trading 200 thousand shares, you can probably manipulate this, especially if it’s let’s say a $10 stock. That’s why those penny stocks are easily manipulated, if it’s a $10 stock, they can move that stock around, no problem.

And imagine if a stock is $5, and it’s only trading 20 thousand shares per day, to move that stock all you really need is about $100,000.


I can move that stock around in one day, just buying a $5 stock, 20 thousand shares, I can move that stock any time I want. And that’s where manipulation comes in and takes place. Unfortunately getting out is also tricky, but that’s kind of the nasty things that happens in his industry.

Become a better trader

I’m not sharing these kinds of things with you to show you the bad side behind it. Because for me, I want to educate you, I want to make sure you understand what’s going on in the industry, and I really want you to wake up, because this is what happens in the industry, and you need to see things from an outer perspective.

My true goal is that you become better, that you help yourself, you learn what you need to do and start seeing all these things from a wider, bigger perspective, what’s really happening and the real thing, the real thing of what’s going on underneath the surface.

Not just what somebody else tells you, not just what I tell you. Like I said, even believe me just %50, because you need to find your other %50, so that you can create your own formula, your own strategy.

Get rid of your mental clutter

A lot of things that stop us in trading, one of those things is the mental desk or the mental clutter. So if you look at our own personality, and let’s just say this is you, you have your internal stuff right here, so this is your boundary or border, your internal stuff, which is the mental desk, that’s the clarity, your mentality, your focus, this is the mental desk, and if you have somebody you need to call, maybe you got in a fight with somebody with your parents, your loved one, something you need to do, all those different things get wrapped up in your mind, and it clutters your mental desk.


What you need to do is get rid of all this clutter. If you need to call someone, even if you can’t reach them and you know they’re at work, at least call them and leave a message, and that way it clears off your mental desk.

The same thing, if you got in a fight with someone, a boyfriend, girlfriend, a family member, at least leave a phone call, even if they’re not available, leave a voice mail, send an email. Whatever you need to do so you can clear your mind, so that way you can be prepared for trading.

If there’s something that you need to do, either do it or put in on a list, get it out of your brain, so you don’t have to look at it later until you’re done with what you need to get done.

Environmental issues

The other thing is, you have environmental problems. And those are things often times external to your boundaries and boarders. Those are external, and those things again, this could be like your friends, and how does that play a huge roll?


If they’re in your environment, and your environment is not crystal clear, just like not a clear mental desk. If you have a messy environment, a messy work place, and you have all these friends that are impacting you in a negative way, or maybe they’re bothering you, if you’re trying to trade, and let’s say you become a full time trader, now you trade at home for a living and you’re making your income from your house as a living.

They may say “hey, let’s go to lunch” or “hey, can you take me to the airport this week? Because I have a flight, and I know you have flexibility of time. So could you take me?”

When in fact, this is your work, this is what you do for a living now, and if you don’t have these proper borders and boundaries set in place they will penetrate those borders and boundaries, because your environment is not protected.

Your environment doesn’t have clear boundaries and boarders, and that happens also with your clutter. Just like your clutter around your environment in your work place, if you have a lot of clutter, it’s impacting you. So all these friends, all these people are trying to impact.

Set boundaries and protect them

If this is your boarder or boundary, and this is you, really what’s happening is everybody is trying to penetrate your boarder, your boundary. That’s just basic psychology, if you haven’t learned it yet, that’s ok, I’m just going to give you some psychology one on one.


This is your boarder or boundary right here, and everybody is trying to penetrate you, they’re trying to get inside of you, to take your time. “Hey, can you take me to the airport? Hey can you help me with moving to a new house? Because I can’t rent a truck this week and I’m available during the week, and I know that you’re not really working or you don’t have a job”.

That’s what they’ll do, they’ll try to get inside your boundaries, and sometimes these thing crack, these boundaries start cracking and they start to get inside of this boundaries that you have.

As they start cracking, they start to impact you, and you need to find ways to keep those boundaries very strong, and it’s one of the things that I do with the comments for example, those comments, I don’t want to say anything mean or nasty, and sometimes there’s just no point for me to waste my finger strength, but the reality is I see what it is, those people they’re just not aware, they’re not aware and understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface, they don’t know better.

And is it worth it? For me it’s not, it’s not worth my time. But for you, you have to learn to worry and focus about your boundaries.

The cause of drama

The problem happens when things get broken through your boundaries. And this is when drama takes place. So when something breaks your boundary, that’s when drama takes place. And this happens more kind of on the lines of rape, anything like a break in, or if you got shot before, now you’re really worried and scared about the gun.


That’s what happens, that this boundary wasn’t just cracked, it was broken, and that’s where drama takes place.

The lies of TV

There’s one final point I want to make, and that’s regarding what you see on TV, if you’re watching TV, if you’re listening to the TV, these are things that are going to affect you mentally, and there might be two different people on TV that talk about the same exact stock.

Some people are going to say “buy this stock, we’re looking to accumulate, we’re buying this stock”. And this guy over here, he’s telling you to sell the stock the next day, a whole different guy, of course.

There’s all these different people talking about. One person’s going to tell you to buy the stock, other people are going to tell you to sell the stock.

This isn’t the case for everybody, but a lot of times when these people are telling you to buy the stock, they’re actually not buying the stock. They’re actually getting ready to sell their stock and dump their shares.


On this side, when this guy’s telling you to sell the stock, he actually wants to buy more shares, because he missed the move. This is what happens in the industry, because they’re trying to get in lower prices.

And this guy when he’s telling you to buy it, he’s trying to dump thousands, if not millions of shares, depending on the company, because he’s looking to get out and he can’t afford to make those prices tank. He can’t afford to move that stock, because otherwise it’s going to come crashing down his profits.


Understand how the game is played

So understand that this is how the business works, this is how the industry manipulates you. This isn’t always the case with everybody, again watch that Cramer manipulation video and you’ll really start to see some insight of what goes on behind the scene.

But here in this situation, there’s a lot of people out there, when they tell you to buy it, they’re actually selling it. When they tell you to sell it, they’re actually trying to buy your shares, so understand how that works.

And it also happens on the comments, online, in the forums, it happens everywhere, not just on TV. There are people that are going to say, “hey, trade Forex, or do binary options, because it’s so easy”. There’s all these other little things in the market place that are going to cloud your judgment, and move your mindset in the wrong direction, than really where you should be going, because you may be brand new, things are a little bit unclear, which way or what’s better, or what’s safer, or what’s better for you.

So they’re able to take your lack of knowledge and manipulate it, and push you to things where you actually lose money. Where you actually are doing worse than if you just put it in a simple index fund or something to that effect. So understand that this is how the industry works, this is how the game is played.

Again, not everybody is going to do it, but if you’re hanging out, watching TV, there will be some people that actually are doing the opposite of what they’re telling you. The same thing with those message boards, if you’re hanging out on websites, reading what to do on all these forums, there’s going to be a lot of people that are just pumping those stocks, because they’re looking to get out of them.


Think on your own

Understand that you need to be an independent thinker, you need to think on your own to be successful in this industry, you can’t have other people manipulating your mindset, your clarity of your trading decisions. You have to think on your own.

In the end, what is it that I want you to do? I want you to wake up, I want you to see things. If you want to be successful, whether that’s making an extra $100 a month, $500 a month, $5000 a month, I want you to wake up.

If you don’t wake up and you don’t start seeing these bigger pictures of how things work, the appropriate way that things work in life, you’re not going to get trading. And the reason for that is that you need a lot of self-awareness, to see what it is that you’re doing wrong in trading to be able to move forward.

The ten thousand hour rule

There’s a famous saying that says ten thousand hours is what you need in order to progress and be a master of something.

When in reality we get driver’s licenses. When you learn to drive, you probably don’t have 10 thousand hours, you may have 500 hours of driving. And for an airplane, a person to pilot, you only need about 1500 hours, so why is it that we only require 1500 hours to fly a jumbo jet, when really 10 thousand hours to master something?


The fact is that with the jumbo jet simulator, you see mistakes, you see things that are happening in the simulator, so when you see those mistakes, you’re able to condense those ten thousand hours.

The ten thousand hour rule is true if you are just doing things creatively, if you’re playing piano and you’re just stumbling making your own mistakes, but if you have a mentor, if you have a guide book, if you have books that help you see yourself from that outer perspective, which is what I’m trying to tell you here, if you see yourself from an outer perspective and can see you’re making mistakes, you can condense those ten thousand hours to learning stock trading, to two thousand hours, or three thousand hours, to 500 hours.

You can condense it to whatever amount of time, it’s just about seeing yourself and being aware. That’s how you speed up your learning path and curve.


Some of the things that will help you do that is number one, the mental desk, so if you have the mental desk and you clear it, you clear your mind, that’s going to help you.

If you create a good environment for yourself, you have a nice environment with your friends, you have boundaries, and you set those things up in these boundaries, where nobody can penetrate those boundaries and they’re strong, you have a strong character to yourself, meaning psychologically, that not a lot of people can get through this.


If they say something it just bounces off, you’ll have a struggle with this, because I’m a words person, that’s my love language, I connect to people very well, I like to communicate and teach, that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching.

For me, because I like this communication factor, this was tough, this was a tough thing to do. But once you build this, not just a boarder like this, but you build it into a thinker boarder and boundary where those things don’t affect you, and part of that comes with being successful, you stop worrying about what people say, you stop worrying about what it is that they do, and also by being aware, it also helps those things too.

Once you start developing this thicker skin, thicker boarder, thicker boundary, most of those things will start to go away in the environment, start clearing your mental desk again, and those things will be better.


The flow channel

Because your end goal is really to go ahead and, when you look at psychology again, so here we have a skill and here we have a challenge. This was a book called flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

When you look at this right here, this is the flow channel, your end goal is to be on your flow channel. So we have a challenge and we have a skill right here, so when you have a challenge, that is very hard and a skill level that’s very low, you can’t do it, this is where anxiety comes in and this border starts to be penetrated.


On the other hand, if you have a really high degree of skill, but the challenge is weak, and you’re over here, this is where you become boredom. So that’s where boredom starts to kick in, and that’s where you’re not in the flow.

The ideal situation is when you have your skill matching your challenge, you’re trading the right amount of shares for your account level, you’re trading the right amount of shares for your skill level, whatever it is, you’re doing the right things for what you have, for your skill sets, you’re managing money the right way, you’re trading the right stocks, you’re doing the right things, you have a big boarder, you have a clear mental desk, your environment is correct, then you’re in the flow.


That’s when you have that awareness, putting everything together, making things work, seeing things from a bigger perspective, and seeing how all those things, all those puzzles work together.

When you see this, when you see all of these things working together, that’s where everything just works, that’s when there’s the light bulb, they light up and that’s when everything just comes together.

It’s all about you

I hope you really start getting this, understanding this, and I’m really passionate about you seeing things from a larger perspective. Because at the end, it’s not about me, it doesn’t matter what I say, what I do, how much money I tell you I make, how much money I don’t make, how much money I lose.

It doesn’t matter, in the end it comes down to you, what is it that you can do? Who cares about what I’m making? Who cares about what I’m doing? All that matters is that if I can help you in 5 minutes to get you to where you need to go, and you can help five other people, then you win, and then society wins, because then you can take that knowledge, that skillset, apply it to other things, apply it to other aspects of life, you can take that extra money that you make, you can go help feed the homeless, you can spend more time with your family, you can buy a better car if that’s what you want, or you can simply just go and install wells for other countries.

Help yourself and others

Hopefully you’ll do the good things, because in society as you keep evolving, as you keep progressing and getting better to higher states and levels, you start to become more of a philanthropist, so you’ll try to do better for the world, because you already have your basic needs.

When those basic things aren’t met, that’s when a lot of people go into stealing, drug related abuses, it’s because those basic needs aren’t met.

If you help other people, first you have to help yourself, and then after that you can contribute, you can teach, you can do all sort of things, donate your time in many other ways, and that’s really the end goal, for you to get better.

It’s not about me, take what I teach, apply it, make it your own, and continue to grow and evolve and the one best way to do that is really to start being aware of what’s happening. Being aware of what’s going on, not only in trading, but also in life, you start seeing things for how people act, react, how they move, how the world works, how they operate.

Some people will never get it

For some people, they’ll never see it, they never get there, but understand that there’s always another level, constantly, working your mind, working yourself in getting better, going outside of your boarders and taking this boundary and expanding it to the outside and growing it, learning to see how all that works together. It will put your trading in a much better place.


You’ll start being more confident in your trades, you’ll start being more confident in your positions, in how to trade, how to manage them, and part of that just continues to grow, just due to the mental desk, the environment, your education, your skillset and challenging yourself, you’ll continue to grow.

Author: Sasha Evdakov

Sasha is the creator of the Tradersfly and Rise2Learn. He focuses on high-level education speaking at events, writing books, and publishing video courses on business development, internet marketing, finance, and personal growth.

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