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Ep 35: Strictly Stocks

April 30th, 2015

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Welcome to this week's Rapid Recap, I’m Sasha Evdakov, it’s April 30th 2015 and today we're going to just cover a lot of different stocks.

There are a lot of great opportunities and I just want to share some insights and wisdom about some stocks. I just want to run through some of the positions that we've had last week that I wanted to share with you.


We talked about Yahoo last week. Here was our ABCD pattern and this is why we were talking about it so here was our A right here so we took A to B, B to C, and C to D, so the projected is lower so that's why I got into the stock short last week and I’ll talk about that stock, came back up hit these internal trend lines and rejected and continues to follow through so looks great from that trade and definitely should peel some off.

Talked about CMG also another short that we have does the same thing Yahoo. So broke through heavy volume, popped higher rejected it and following through. Again, nice winning trade for a good 20 point run there a 24-point run.


IBM, still for the long, got to stop certain place over here at 166 but take a look at the weekly, it's pushing higher right now losing a little bit of steam, projecting the fill this gap and gaps typically fill. Gaps typically fill and especially once it gets into the gap they typically get filled or at least part of them gets filled.

Right now the market’s giving a few good opportunities for the short side and that's where we really are making the most bang for the buck.rapid-recap-April-30.0023

That's why we set this trade up for the long side. Also got CSX for the long side, this is the other position we talked about last week. Break right here in this descending trend line, channel break higher pulling back and have a good position in here.

This one trades very liquid so it's easy to get in and out even if you trade a couple thousand shares so makes things easy to get in and out even if it's five ten thousand shares. I like this one as well, popped higher, heavy volume coming in and powering higher so took a little off already.

I got to stop put in here you know right around this region thirty four dollars and we'll see how it moves here and how the market behaves.


Similar to Amazon just like we talked about gaps, the stock, let’s just take it on to the, let’s do 5 minute. Normally I don't look at the five-minute too much but let's just take it right here. Five minute stock gapped up right up here you can see the gap range was sporty five points on earnings. So we gapped up.

Watch this level so here's our level right here. Stock bounced finally broke through and if you zoom in closer, you’ll notice broke through on heavy volume right there, nice bar. Even if you got in late here on the next day or so not on the previous day but on the next day you had a good chance for a good 9 to 10 dollar gain to the short side.

You know the stock’s moving well for the gap fill and got a little on this one now to the short side as well and definitely taking some profits in this strength because this one's a powerhouse and when the stock pops up on these a gap ups on earnings even that once it starts filling the gap even though they usually do, you never know when things will pick up, you never know because our sentiment does change and energy comes back.


What happens is people average prices and you know somebody other people that got in before getting out on and so on. They’re rotating their average prices so that's what happens. Also take a look at URBAN, although I wouldn't trade this one.

The gap, this one as well caught my radar but I didn't trade because it’s slower mover stock right here but here was our trend line and again if you zoom into the 30-minute you can see right here we bounced on this trend line once twice, three times finally broke. If you held it for a few days you would have made a dollar and sixty-four, thousand shares to the short side would have given you a thousand and six hundred dollars.

If we take it out here and you take a look here, here it is it’s coming in right there and fill in that gap.


CYBX same concept right here's watching this one. Although I didn’t trade this one you know I talked about this stock with someone around, what did we do, what did we talk about. Right around March 12th or March 16th we talked about it and you know there's a gap and gap again shows weakness.

This one hung around this region and level but if you zoom and let's say on the 30 minute, you can see that right now or hourly you can see right here's our gap. Here’s our low, stock breaking below that, fill in the gap coming back to right there 60.5. Potentially it could even get down to 59.30 but if it doesn't hold this gap you could see lower prices so we'll see how things pan out but of course are you're always watching how things move, how they picked up, how they accelerate and what they're going into so sold.

This one again gap, being pretty much as getting filled as well. I like these gaps, I like the way they move because they create great opportunities.


I traded master card as well this week although it was a scratch trade meaning it wasn’t a winner, taking it out to the 10 minutes just to show you what the action was. Stock popped higher and then sold off, so got in it long, the volume was there on the long side right after earnings and thought it would actually continue higher because it didn’t gap up, it actually just accelerated.

Got little gap, accelerated moved well and I thought it would continue so got out with a minimal losses here but it looked to have higher prices because of these previous swing highs right here on the daily but but this one sold off actually potentially and so we're back under there just needs more time or building time but there's a lot of opportunities out there and before we get to that I do want to talk about.


We got Twitter, heavy sell-off. You got WYNN over here, you got Buffalo Wild Wings, you SAVE and actually Apple some people's favorite.


Apple with earnings let's just work our way backward, this one looking at it on the hourly you can see we have the highs here broke higher and then showed its hand, showed weakness and tried to get up there retest those, couldn't do it rejected it now it's getting under this trend line.

When stocks get below these trend lines and selling of that the highs that just shows that they’re weak they need more time to build and these stocks been a monster power house and the reason I'm not in this on the short side and training Amazon to the short side because of the gap.

The reason this one had a potential for a short as well is if you take a look at the A to B, B to C, and C to D, we are heading near our projected move actually the 145 would be right around the projected move but we're getting there, were getting there. The closer you get to those it stretches and it stretches further and further and when they're stretched it has a tendency to come back and if we are to take this to Fibonacci level little more advance for some people.

We take those to the Fibonacci level, if 50 percent retracement still means the stock could be healthy and fifty percent notice how this works out look at the fifty percent right here where it's taking us. The fifty percent right here, this line takes us to this swing point right there, there we go that one which could bring us back to right here which is about ninety-five dollar level and nothing would be wrong with the stock.

Take it to the weekly look at how this hits it right there that 50 percent and we zoom in, look at the weekly 50 percent right there to that little digestion period so comes in very nicely right there.

It could come back to that ninety-five and nothing be wrong with the stock but people get worried people get worried seeing these larger sell-offs like this on the daily again let me clear the chart here just so we have cleaned things.

They get worried when they see the sell-off but you got to know the bigger picture if you're looking at the bigger picture we're hitting our projected move A to B, B to C, and C to D, and if you're looking for a long term. What is long-term? That depends, multiple years I guess for some people. 95 is fine and the stock would still be healthy you know if it starts getting down to 47 now you're talking about unhealthy but if it gets to 95-97 it just creates more opportunity for you to you know see another move like this.

From 2009, again create another one of these. So it can pull back right here like this move on the pullback was 48 points so if we get 48 points where does that put us 83, right around there 85. So that's if that move was the same but we're n another leg so 95 is the projected right there and that's a potential on the long-term.

On the short term you know we can just get back down here on 119 and would be fine. Wo we'll see what happens with that stock.

As for Twitter this is why I say you don't hold in the earnings and even the day before this is what happens it's just ignorance it's just you know things get halted just silly things happen the day before earnings it’s kind of like the end of the month.

Like right now we're in the end of the month and the same thing happens, is there's window-dressing there's a lot of people and weird chaos. So what happens at the end of the month even like right now you know they rotate positions to show their investors that these are the stocks they have or this is the stock they have and they own because it makes their books and portfolio look better.

Imagine if they were saying “hey we own, let's just say SAVE here”, something and done nothing happened with this stock aren't so you know they want to show some positive or big companies or something that's you know has some emotional highs when they're talking about the companies.


Getting into of these companies here SAVE again. Another opportunity to short the stock, has the potential to get back here and then sell back off just like YAHOO, just like CMG to same thing they like to retest those trend lines.

We also have DRE here was a swing lower right there breaking accelerating down. GLW also there's a swing low, BOM, accelerating. We got Facebook same concept there's our trend line, BOM. I posted this one in the critical charts. Here's the potential right here, volume should accelerate, we'd want to see more volume in order for it to continue following through.

If you got in it right there on the break for a three-day gain you know two dollars and thirty cents, thousand shares would’ve given you two-and-a-half thousand dollars about 2,000 bucks.

Peel some of in the strength here in specially as we approach the 7781 level because the stock may bounce there you know. So you got to trade it based on your rules, I’m just giving you some insight.

OSK, powering higher take a look at the weekly, looking okay, looking okay comparing it to the previous bar 9.8 million here we got 8.7 but we still have one more day to go so we're going to see how that pans out and if it follows through.

Always watch how a stock is moving in a down market so which stocks are moving when the rest of the market is selling off, which stocks are acting strong, you always want to watch these things and JetBlue so here this one pulling back on lighter volume, slower moving stock and has a potential to get back down here to twenty dollars and then it may bounce so here we have a lighter volume, relative to the breakout so if you’re looking to hold this one for multiple days you know you have a good view here and use that 20 or right under the 20, 19.97 as a little stop.

Normally I don't like round numbers like a twenty or thirty or forty but in this case because it's so close and tight it could just work out for you so just watch out that things could accelerate if it breaks below the twenties. \You know this one could be a good longer term play.

There's some insights, there are someplace for you. There are a lot of different stocks you know that workout well and again if you didn’t watch the video last week, review it. We talked about Yahoo last week and great setup, great trades. We talked about IBM last week again working out well.

CSX same thing you know we got a little off but it’s on lighter volume so it's okay if that happens.

Apple I'm not in apple on the short side although it would've been a great short at their earnings right there when it sold off right there, would’ve worked out well. We are in Amazon right here working out well for the gaps. Remember when I talked about the gaps and you know you could have done the same thing with Urban.

I didn’t trade this one obviously slower mover for me but may be worked out well for you and we got CMG right here so working out well continues and go ahead review the previous recap. If you’re brand new and maybe they'll give you some insight of what's going on and what's happening.

Overall the market if you look at the Dow jones we're starting to break this supporting trend line and when you do when we accelerate even if we come down here to 17,000 – 15900, nothing is wrong with the market. That's just healthy pull back, a healthy pullback would be nice you know we haven't had a nice pull back in a little while and a good pullback would be good for the stock market.

Even if we come back here on the S&Prapid-recap-April-30.0204

nineteen eighty we’re fine because if we take a look at the weekly, if we look at the weekly we take a look at the overall picture look at here again A to B, B to C, and C to D, take it out to let's just say right here on a swing low. Look at that, how that works out hitting 38.2 percent right up here.

Pullback to right here would-be beautiful if we take it to this swing low normally I wouldn't do this but if we take it to that swing low and we go to the weekly that could bring us back fifty percent 1600, 1754 which would put us right here on this bar 1740.

We're looking at those levels but overall if the market comes back look at this from this low to this high 38.2 percent is hitting this high right over here, that high, isn’t that wonderful how that works, just remarkable, honestly remarkable human behavior the way that it works the way that it functions it's typically repetitive and you learn that when you learn that things just move in cycles.

You know that your friends that drive like maniacs are going to continue to do that until something changes their behavior whether they do some damage to themselves or somebody else unfortunately.

Something happens; they’ll going to continue to do that. It's for the same reason why we typically eat the same foods so it’s for the same reason why we have routines, we wake up in the same mornings at the same time so same thing with the market you know when you watch these things and you see these things where things happen time and time again such as the patterns.

Like stocks coming back to retest and then reject you'll see them in CNG, you'll see them in Yahoo, you'll see them in multiple stocks not just one but multiple stocks and once you get good at recognizing the pattern just makes things a lot easier for you and looking at the gaps the same thing urban.


Amazon you know these kinds of things, you just start putting pieces to the puzzle together and then you have more confidence.

There you go I hope you got some insight with this week’s Recap. We are working on the web site to redo the Rise2Learn website and it should be done soon probably within a week so we'll have a new lay out there and just put up some are some of those bonus videos as well for sale that we’re in the technical analysis course and start putting up some new things there to cater some business stuff as well.

I’m trying to put together some business training material probably only have a few more stock market courses left in terms of what I have planned. We are working on some books so we meaning I'm working on some books and my assistants are helping me out putting some things together with some other files.

I have the shorting book coming out soon similar to the stock chart book that we had earlier and you know probably a Penny Stock Book even though I don't like penny stocks as much as the charts are there and it's always good to look at more charts because it hones your skills so for me personally I don't like the penny stocks as much as because there’s manipulation but you know working on those couple materials.

We will do a couple more stock market courses but I'm also starting to create a few more just overall business courses because initially this is one of my other areas of expertise and I’ve  spoken at seminar so that's where I'm concentrating some of my energy and will probably do more recaps like this maybe in the future.

I'm not sure if I want to go to more a daily or by every couple of days to do the recaps it just depends on how many people are interested but just something else that's going through my mind, you know a few transitional things so we'll but I’ll announce those things as they come.

Thanks for watching I hope you’re having a great trading week you know for me more work in a while with the CMG short, Yahoo short,  Amazon short, IBM and CSX long and then you know so those are the positions we have and hope you're doing well as well with your trading and if you’re struggling then you know you just got to put a little more time into it you got to put your homework into it.

Do some studying and things fit and when they fit you know you can now take a little more easy and you know let the trades work for you and go out and do other things whether that's reading a book watching a movie, writing a book if you want, helping a friend.

Whatever it is you know you can spend your time doing the things that you want to do.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next week.

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