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Rapid Recap – August 14, 2014

August 14th, 2014

Hey there! It’s Sasha Evdakov and today we’re going to be going over the Rapid Recap. It’s August 14, 2014 and this is my second time doing the Recap, since we had a technical failure and I don’t know what happened but I guess I have to redo it so in either case with that being said couple of things on the notice again I have an interview that’s posted with Andrew.

He did an interview on me if you’re interested in watching that should also be in the newsletter and in addition to that watch the lesson from this week, still working on the books and working on those to get those finished, a seminar with fantastic learned quite a bit. I’m involved in quite a few different business marketing things and I do a lot of consulting and things like that also in my spare time if you read my background.

With that being said let’s go on to the Rapid Recap. In here we go over the most recent stocks, what’s going on in the market and the market’s going up on air. Now I’ve been sitting on my hands mostly and I do have a position on Facebook so will talk about that a little bit but if you look at what’s going on with the market we went down on heavy volume and were going up on lighter volume. This is always a sign of caution or trouble, this is the diamonds here so it’s the ETF for Dow Jones and if you look at the SPDRS, the same concept here went down on heavy volume and moving up on lighter volume.

Typically things like this roll over we'll see how this breaks through the 50-day if it does but normally this is a cautionary sign so always be careful. Let's go over some stocks here but just as a sign that you know if you're new to the markets and you're just now getting into them this is the time you to sit on your hands and just wait just watch the markets just wait.

You know you don't want to try to bottom fish, just trying to learn what's going on what's happening, learn to read them but this is the time to wait and be patient. So, with that being said there are a few picks out there that are not bad but I will go over those and we'll go over some individual stocks so let's start out with Apple.

You could have played this with this declining a trend line right here broke and it's starting to move but again light volume, ideally I'm waiting for and this is the weekly chart I'm waiting for this weekly chart to be broken  at the 100 dollar range, the century mark as they like to call it. So be patient because the volume here's light but that doesn't mean you can't play it, it just means be very cautious. Typically I always say you need a couple things in order for healthy movement to occur, you need price; you need volume; you need behavior and action. So right here we may have price it might be moving up loan we don't have volume behaviors okay, you know. So we're missing a few components and it's not as healthy as I'd like it to be.


Tesla was little bit a different story, we have the volume; we have the price; we have the action. Now the thing about this one is its coming into this resistant point at highs, you don't want to buy it at the highs, just you know you don’t want to be that one guy buying it at the highs and then it sells off. So wait for it to clear this price level and I would say to 265.25, 265 and a quarter or 266. Wait for it to clear there and then it should be a lot better because you see we're coming into these highs right here and that's pushing up against it but we do have good volume so that's a good sign.


CMG, after that break this last quarter looked really nice moving higher and that now we're just consolidating here at this level. You’re trying to get in this, wait for this trend line to break and then it can move higher. Now, these types of stocks will be round, you need five to ten dollars rooms of spread so that way it doesn't bounce you around. So give it a little bit of a room so that you know you can get in the stock and have a little wiggle room. If you don’t have that then you know you'll be in some trouble because they whipsaw around, these go quick, okay? Also cautionary note, we do have that gap so the gap can always fill.

Netflix. You could play this one, again here was the trend line, it broke I was expecting to go short on this, I actually lost some money on that one but here's the trend line I was breaking and moved higher and volume started to pick up and that's something I didn't expect, it was for the volume the pickup increase and then we came into this bar.

Now this bar is 3.7 million shares so you can see to the left of my screen and we came into it with 1.9 million shares. Now, we have 3.7 versus 1.9. 1.9 is not enough to get higher it couldn't do it on lighter volume so the stock is kind of retracing so we'll see if they can consolidate and then break higher but at the moment this ones are wait and see and you're playing these ranges right between here to see what happens. Fifty point range but wait be patient, see what you what happens.


Amazon little unexpected bounce again I was looking to go short on this one if it broke this line right here, it didn't. It actually popped higher. Careful again on the gap, chances are normally once gaps get, once stocks get into these gaps it'll fill. So it’s possible it will come to the 360 level to just test that area. Now this stock if we look at it on the weekly, you can see that you know if it does get to this 360-365 level it's got some work to do. So we have kind ever A to be B, boom, you know the pattern is is it's not making higher highs.

Normally you want see a stock go like this and continue to make higher movements higher highs and a higher lows but it's not doing that then that's not what's happening then always be cautious. You know always be cautious in those levels it doesn't mean you can't play just means be cautious when the stocks move or pop. Okay, so be careful this one's highs at 365, you know be cautious about it. It's all say about that one but it is picking up some volume so looks okay if you got in it early and sell some of the strength just because of that gap.


TSRA, looking good here after breaking this pattern right here on this resistance line moving well. Nice solid volume increase just continues for the  second week it’s not something I caught but I does look good and if you take out to the weekly again looks very good, very healthy for the last couple weeks so fantastic move if you caught it. Facebook, I'm actually in this one if you take a look at the daily here it is one that I'm very cautious about at the moment just because there's not a lot of juice or action in the stock. So I was watching this break right here with nice volume coming in if we're looking at the hour label it’ll say 30 minutes, okay? Then watching this it broke that so I’m using this level as my stop, okay?

The reason I went in it the volume picked up, okay? Saw a little break right here broke when in it and now I’m holding it and normally what I want to see is the last part of the day is the stock moving higher and volume picking up or is a moving lower? This one's picking up speed so I like that so I'm holding on to it for the time being even though on it is a week on the volume for the daily. Again always be cautious on these things.


UEIC, okay? We have little pop, nice little pop here after the declining trend line broke  consolidation pattern we'll see what happens if it breaks higher but this is the pattern you're watching right now flag pattern for those of you that are technical people that’s a flag pattern.

CPS also declining trend, little break, volume moving higher, it's not what I like to trade because it has low liquidity and I like liquid stock. Stocks that are easy to get in and out of, this one light liquidity and it's not one that I'm interested in but if you’re trading a couple hundred shares this is fine and fantastic.

Again breaking trend line moving higher looking good holding up move in the next day as well as next couple days so this one looks healthy for the time being, always be cautious because with these low liquidity stocks they have a tendency to pull back and pull back fast when the pullback happened. So just be cautious.

Berkshire Hathaway, again a nice resistance line, broke and continued higher for next few days and volume picking up, picking up speed good job Mister Warren, and TNAV also watching this one and not a penny stocks I don't really care to trade on them. Actually, anything under 10 bucks I consider a penny stock but the technical term, is stocks under two bucks but here declining pattern broke that and now taken pricey get to six dollars. If you missed the move you know I wouldn’t Chase it here it only has a couple pennies to go but you know it's a great couple day run for this stock.


Hershey also moving well here after the volume is popping and this lower swing point right here is getting Pass 92.32 so moving well and popping back higher so the stock we'll see we'll see how it does but it has been rounding this bottom of and moving well. Speaking of rounded bottoms this is kind of what you want to see with stocks is you want to see this rounded bottom and volume picking back up and increasing when it's starting to pick up momentum to go higher.

What you don't want to see, let me see if I can find one here is something like a this, violent stock goes down, pops higher but its popping on lighter volume and then retraces and rolls back over. So normally it's healthier to see that rounded bottom and that's kind of what you want to see so that’s a little bit nicer. If you're looking to bottom fish this is the better way to go rather than on violent pops or violent swings.

FLT take out to the weekly, trend line here popping higher nice weekly volume and we still have tomorrow to go we take it out to the daily. There's our high moving across. Had some confluence here you know the reason I like this breakout better is because at the end of the day it moved into strength, pushed higher. Here the first day break it sold off and came back to the trend line and that's not what I like to see. Here first day moved into strength with much heavier volume. This breakout was 1.1 million; this breakout was 2.7 million nearly three times the amount two-and-a-half times but still quite a bit.

AMGN also looking at this one trend line here breaking higher look at it at the weekly you know it's starting to push higher, couple weeks ago pushing higher now definitely moving higher. So if you're playing even on a long-term play this is maybe not a bad one to go in like a fifth or ten percent of your normal position. Even though broke up a little bit just you know use this 127 as your stop but right here even though it's a couple bucks away if you’re looking for a longer term play I mean look at the stock you know look in to it at the weekly, this could be one that you know you just go in lightly and just let it ride in and see what happens because it's been pushing against this for multiple weeks, not heavy volume yet but that means you didn't miss the move yet. So it’s not a bad one to go in if you're looking for a very long term play.

OVAS weekly, boom right here this one has a tendency I can see probably to get to about this fifteen dollar level on 1450, okay? Probably get to that level with the daily looking at it here breaking the highs and volume increasing, and the volume was telling you it was increasing over the last few days and then it popped, okay? So there was the consolidation pattern popped and went higher the reason I say it can probably get to this 1450 level is because the volume here's 360 and we got enough juice to go for about 600 so double or million shares. So, we got quite a few volume coming in so I have compared to what the gas that we have it'll probably get to about the fifteen dollar 14.15 dollar level, okay?


LABL also declining pattern here breaking out rate volume stocks holding up well, that's exactly what you want to see. A few notes here on, just in terms of us some stocks that are toast CXO, when stocks break they don't break just for the day or two date they take time to break and go down for quite some time. People are adjusting their position so always be patient, same thing with like PTEN here, always be patient. Here's our trend line it broke and now it’s continuing to accelerate to the downside.

These are just things to be careful of, just always be weary of and especially if things are going up on air and right now that's what we've been doing, is we've been going up on air we've been going up on lighter volume, same thing with the spiders here going up on a lighter volume so be careful.

This doesn’t mean the volume can't increase it just means right now you're sticking to your stops and you're being cautious. Alright thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this recap I'm sorry it's a little late I really did have to redo. Check out that interview I haven't watched it yet but I'm sure it's pretty. Checkout out the lesson video and I'll have more news more recaps and more great lessons coming to you over the next few weeks thanks again and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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