Why is the Stock Market Always Right?

July 8th, 2014

When I break things down, I usually like to look at things in terms of what is being said, what does it mean, and what does it mean to me. I heard that the market was always right in my early years of training but I never understood what the premise behind the phrase really meant.

It wasn’t until a lot later that I really understood this concept and the true meaning behind it. Let’s take for example any chart that you pick, the market is coming together as a living breathing thing, and every tick that you see out there is an agreement on price that has happened. It has occurred.

Any trader or speculator can tell you that the values are a little bit high or the evaluation is a little bit low. Sometimes you will hear the term “It’s overbought or oversold”. And you will hear people talk about their evaluations, they will talk price targets and where they believe the price will go for a specific stock or Dow Jones average or the S&P 500.

Now normally these prices or targets are not always hit. They are subjective and they are based on analysts and what they think. But it is not always a true indicator of exactly what is happening in the market. The market itself is determined based on exactly prices that have occurred and bought and sell orders that have been filled. It is actual real time occurrences on agreement of prices.

Value is subjective and I would like to give you an example in terms of value. We can take for example the book 100 Stock Trading Tips and compare it to The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway. Now The Old Man and the Sea is much more popular of a book than 100 Stock Trading Tips.  The Old Man and the Sea targets a different demographic, it targets different types of people. Not to mention it has been printed for many more years than my book 100 Stock Trading Tips.


So in terms of value which one is worth more? In order to answer this you must answer the real question which is what is value.

What is value?

For everyone it is going to be different. For a person who is interested in a pleasurable read, The Old Man and the Sea might give them more value. More value meaning more pleasure, more benefits from the book. For a person who is interested in the markets and learning about the stock market, obviously the 100 Stock Trading Tips book would be more valuable to them.

Some people like to take a look at books in terms of size, and determine which one will be more valuable based on size. This isn’t always the case because bigger doesn’t always mean better. It is just that one is more related to stock trading tips and it would give you more value for stock trading and the other is more related to a pleasurable read or a story or lessons that you can gain from the story.

So if we take a bigger book, let’s say French for Dummies, now this is a much bigger book than the 100 Stock Trading Tips book. The book is a lot bigger and has a lot more content, but which one is more valuable. Again it depends, for instance let’s say I was in the middle of France and I had no idea how to get home, I would be more apt to pay for French for Dummies on the other hand if I were interested in the stock market I would much rather have the 100 Stock Trading Tips.


What does it have to do with stocks?

When you have different types of stocks or different types of investments that you are looking at, which one has more value will depend on different people’s opinions and perspectives. Some people will place more value on technology companies or language companies or educational companies other people may value coal companies or railroad companies.

Value really is subjective therefore you don’t know really which one is correct or what value is really true. Because what will happen will depend on what the market agrees on. So every time a party gets together and creates a fill order or creates an agreement, a buy or sell order takes place, than that is the result of the market. This is why the market is never wrong. It’s always right because you are always creating a reflection of the orders that are taking place.

Author: Sasha Evdakov

Sasha is the creator of the Tradersfly and Rise2Learn. He focuses on high-level education speaking at events, writing books, and publishing video courses on business development, internet marketing, finance, and personal growth.

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