Ep 10: Trading the Non-Popular Stocks

October 11th, 2013

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Hey there traders! It’s October 11, 2013 and welcome to Traders Fly TV where I get to discuss some stock trading education. I’m Sasha Evdakov and today we’re going to talk about trading the non-popular stocks.

Normally I discuss stocks like Netflix, Apple, CMG and even Tesla, some of the big movers, those are the stocks and companies that I like to play in, those are the ones that I like to trade. The reason I like them is because they move quick, they move fast and also because they’re very popular and I know the trading vehicles.

You really shouldn’t hop around from one company to the other time and time again. You know if you’re not consistent in the first month with one you know don’t just bounce around here and there and I have a video about trading vehicles and sticking to your trading vehicles, so check that out on YouTube but in either case today we’re going to talk about trading the non-popular stocks.

Just because I wanted to touch base with some of the other stocks that are out there and I’m not doing any recommendations of which one are good or bad. I’m just showing you what thing to see on the movement or the momentum in some of these stocks right now and the way I’m sorting these or spotting these is through the surge of volume. So that’s how I’m spotting of these and then I’m picking some out and then I’m looking to either get in or get out or what’s keeping them on my watch list.

Now like I said I don’t really trade these types of stocks because they’re usually not the vehicles that I’m in but this will just give you an idea for some of the lower and or lower price value stocks.


The first one on the list is SAVE, so it’s Spirit Airlines and the reason this one got on the list is for example right here, we look at this resistance line that it created over July 24th, 2013 and over here you can see it descended on the downward and today it surged up on heavy volume, you can see it right here. This level right here we have 3.2 million shares and obviously looking at it, the volume is what makes the stock price move higher. Now is it going to go up or is going to fill that gap? We don’t know but it’s on our list. That’s how we create it and we watch for a follow-through day.


So moving on to the next one I’m going to go quick on this, it’s JOSB- Jos A Bank Clothiers. I don’t even know what this company does per se but specialty retailer, apparel store I guess we look at this descending trend line coming in from Mid-523-23 or 521-2013 and we created this descending trend line. Notice the volume stretch here three days go popped up and then it cleared that trend line the second day and then again today is a follow-through day.

As you can see this is what happens day after day on the follow-through, first day pushed, the second day follow-through and the third day it continue run. That’s what you want to see from strong stocks, and that’s what you want to see on the earlier stocks SAVE as well. You want to see that follow-through day.


Moving on to the next one STSI and here again descending trend line pattern is high-volume stock push further it’s a two dollar stock. Again I wouldn’t trade it, it’s not my kind of stock anything under 10 bucks personally I wouldn’t recommend trading just because of the action of volume and the liquidity but again for those of you that are interested in the smaller price stocks this is something that you could watch for.

Another one OCLR, same thing here as you can see this has smaller little patterns to watch. Here we have one little resistance point, popped higher we created another resistant point, popped higher and another resistance point, popped higher again. The stock is only two bucks so it’s not going to really move too much it’s popping higher on twenty cents but you can see the pattern that it’s creating and if we zoom in on the thirty minute of this one you can see how the action and the movement happens, okay?

In here there’s the resistance it’s bouncing heading up against it and what takes it higher? It’s that volume that volume right there moves it higher and now look at it where’s it bouncing? On that next level, again at the earlier previous support and resistance line, again we extend this across and you can see the same concept and principle happens, okay? So it’s just something to be aware of.


Next one on the list is STN and S, nope not that one take it back that’s one not on the list. It’s HII, okay here we go Huntington Ingalls Industries, here we go again a higher volume 740,000 shares versus the average of about 323,000 okay?

So, nearly double and again you can see the descending trend line right here, coming through and the stock moving higher on the previous day on higher volume and then again on the next day which was today has a follow-through above 70 dollars. So, that’s what you want to see, you want to see that follow-through day and again yesterday was a huge move day over 325 points which was the second largest move in the market all year.


Finally we have the RENT, now this one didn’t breakout yet but you can see what’s happening and I just wanted to show you one that’s pushing up against the resistance line. You can see the volume is starting to increase its pushing higher, it’s pushing higher and it wants to push through. So it’s something to be aware of or something to watch, okay?

Those are just some ideas for you and again remember that these are just some of the trading stocks that are not as popular for me in my book but they could be popular for you. So, the stocks that I trade you don’t have to trade those stocks you could trade whatever stocks you want. I just like the faster moving stocks like the Apple, like Netflix, the Tesla’s, the Google’s, the Facebook’s.

I like the stocks that move in where the volume is at, but whichever ones you pick whether it’s a Nike or Proctor and Gamble then just use those stocks and stick to them in that way you understand how they move, how they react based on your trading style. Neither case this was a little tidbit on trading the non-popular stocks, I hope it was helpful and just keep doing your research based on the volume and where the volume is heading on your scanners.

I’m Sasha Evdakov, thanks for watching! And if you have questions about a specific stock or just have some general trading questions then feel free to email me or check out my website at Tradersfly.com. Thanks again and see you next time!

Author: Sasha Evdakov

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