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Options Mastery: Calendars

A calendar options strategy focuses on positive vega strategies that allow you make money from options decaying in low volatility environments!

With a calendar, you sell the front-month option contact and buy a later month for protection. 

You make money since the front-month contract decays faster than than your later-month protection contact.


Mindsets of a Master Stock Trader

This book focuses on the inner game of trading. Instead of general concepts, strategies, and techniques – it was written to make you look deeper inside yourself and evolve the trader inside of you.

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Video recaps on the recent market trends

Summary of recent market activity looking at swing chart opportunities, potential setups, and technicals.

Stock market picture charts annotated

Quickly review screen captured stock charts with annotations. Includes support, resistance, ABCD patterns, and possible breakouts.

Video reviews on smaller & low-dollar priced stocks

Review of small cap stocks typically under $30 or less including penny stocks. Focused more on speculative stocks.

Get potential ideas & setups to various option trades each week

Our option strategies are setups and basic plan around different trade setups when it comes to options. This includes iron condors, butterflies, calendars, diagonals, and other option trades.

Live Webinars & Q+A for Traders

Group coaching is a live question and answer session for people who are interested in coaching in a group setting. Join us in a live webinar or watch the pre-recorded sessions from the past.


245 Money Making Stock Chart Setup (Series)

This essential book series will allow you to study your technical analysis skills, spot trends, and practice chart reading.

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I am scheduling helpful coaching sessions for people who are interested in real-world advice & guidance where you only pay per session. No long term commitment required.

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