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Getting to Fast Gains in the Stock Market: Speed of Implementation

November 12th, 2015

Hey it’s Sasha Evdakov, welcome to the stock market Rapid Recap. It is November 12, 2015 and this week's lesson is about Getting to Fast Gains in the Stock Market and really the core of the lesson will be about speed of implementation.

Now if you don't know yet already there are two primary things in the market or in anything that you do that you need in order to be successful and profitable whether that's playing a sport you need the physical aspects or the outer game and you need the inner game as well.

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Risk Management and Money Management in the Stock Market

November 5th, 2015

Welcome to the Rapid Recap, I’m Sasha Evdakov, It is November 5th 2015. Thank you for joining me this week and if you haven't seen the Rapid Recap it's really about teaching or giving you some insight to a lesson in which case you can later apply to the market.

It's not just about stock picks it's about getting better improving and just evolving your trading. This week's discussion is all about risk management and money management in the stock market and I'm doing this recap of this topic really because one of you asked for it so Marcello was the one that asked for it in one of the comments love to do a topic discussion.

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Stock Market Terms Explained: Odd Lot vs. Round Lot of Shares

November 3rd, 2015

Hey it’s Sasha Evdakov and welcome to Tradersfly.com where I share with you some insight about investing and trading in the stock market. This week's video what I'd like to do is share with you some insight about Round Lots and Odd Lots when it comes to trading your group or group of shares.

What I’m talking about a lot, really referring to a group or the amount of shares that you’re trading not in terms of trading a huge bunch of lots of quantity, I'm talking about the group of shares. In this video what I'd like to do is really dissect a Round Lot and an Odd Lot and the appropriate way that you should be trading so first off what is an Odd Lot and a Round Lot.

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